Catering here at Harrison high school.

Here at Harrison high school we have many interesting electives that you can partake in. Catering is one of the most applied to electives and also an elective I am currently enrolled in-order to get into catering you first have to take a semester of intro to culinary followed by a semester of intro toContinue reading “Catering here at Harrison high school.”

Have you read a book lately?

Now of days people don’t like reading or is getting to involved with social media, I know some people read on there phones but that is not the same. I think everyone should read more because itĀ improves your focus on memory, empathy, and communication skills. It can also reduce stress, improve your mental health, andContinue reading “Have you read a book lately?”

The most followed athletes on Instagram

Getting to a place where you can say that you make millions just by playing your favorite sport is not easy, there is a lot of risks to take, difficult decisions, different paths, and a lot of hard work. The one’s that do make it have to work even harder to not be considered aContinue reading “The most followed athletes on Instagram”

why we shouldn’t have e bathroom passes in high school

Why are our schools becoming so controlling and obsessive with watching us. First I feel that if we are old enough to be inn high school that you know when you have to use the bathroom and you know how your bladder works. Another thing is now that they are timing us it can makeContinue reading “why we shouldn’t have e bathroom passes in high school”