Interview with Todd Pollard

By Josef J- what got you into teaching? P-so we’re going to the profession is that always wanted to teach students? I always been told I have the capacity for making young people understand things in a certain way having the ability to explain things multiple different ways so people understand arts have always beenContinue reading “Interview with Todd Pollard”

The Interview By Dezera Martinez

“Belief Meaning” – “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.” “trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.” – Safari Lesly Quinonez, a Sophomore at Harrison High School, allowed me to ask and give questions about a topic that always comes to my mind. My goal of this interview was toContinue reading “The Interview By Dezera Martinez”

The impact of coaching – Antonio Shedrick

Antonio Shedrick better known around Harrison as Coach Antonio, has been coaching at Harrison for only 9 seasons, coaching basketball and football. Antonio grew up in Raines, South Carolina. After asking him how his childhood was, he described it as ” wasn’t the normal.” Antonio was adopted at the age of 10 by a wonderfulContinue reading “The impact of coaching – Antonio Shedrick”

The Life of Clair Markwell

By: Tiana Hayes After sitting down and talking with Clair there are a lot of things, I have learned about her and her life experiences. She is a Junior here at Harrison Highschool, on her way to graduating with her Associates and Highschool Diploma. Education has always been a big part of her life, beingContinue reading “The Life of Clair Markwell”

The Life of Elizabeth Scarborough

Elizabeth became a teacher in 2011 when she needed a job after her school and subbing career. She has had a beautiful career going forward, she has been wanting to motivate kids and make them better people which has been a success so far. Although she really likes her job, it can be really stressfulContinue reading “The Life of Elizabeth Scarborough”