By Jamily Martinez Fernandez

  Fall is finally here!!! Let’s all get in the fall! I think we are all excited for fall since it is such a pretty season especially when the leaves start to fall and when they start to change colors as well. Even though it has not been the best year we are here to make it end right and with the right people! The holidays (Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and let’s not forget New Years) are also on their way, spend time with family and friends but hey, don’t forget all the good food we are going to eat.

Harrison seems to be coming into the fall vibes.!! Spirit week is the 27-30th of October. I hope that all you have fun and are creative especially with your Halloween costumes. We hope to see everyone dressed up as something just to follow all the rules. Have fun.!

Our school hasn’t said much about sports or after school activities or anything that relates to that. We really do hope to hear new things about that since I think we all want to go back to our normal lives and participate in school activities! As well we all have hope that this will end quickly but other than that enjoy life and spend time with family and friends.





World Languages


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         As many people know I do speak two languages which are Spanish and English, however I do plan on learning many more languages. I am from Mexico City, and the rest of my family is from Guanajuato, getting to teach people about my culture is so beautiful. However, a lot of people I know do not speak Spanish and they want to learn and I think it’s so cool to see people wanting to learn new languages. So I thought it would be a good idea to teach you guys some words you may need to use in your everyday lives. Just the basics would be simple words like Hello →Hola, Good Morning → Buenos Dias, Bye → Adios, Goodnight → Buenas Noches, Thank You → Gracias, Please → Por Favor, and for the who, what, when, where, and why it would be Who? → Quien? What? → Que? When? → Cuando? Where? → Donde? Why? → Porque?. These are just simple words you can start out by learning and could possibly even get you to talk to someone in a full sentence. Full sentences you could say to get a conversation going would be Hi, how is your day going? → Hola, tu dia como te va? There is so much more to the spanish language and if you ever want to learn more spanish, don’t be afraid to ask someone, or even get into classes that teach you. Learning something new can be scary and nervous at first and if you don’t say the words right at first it’s okay and all that matters is you’re learning.

                                                                                                       Bianca Dias

Panther Sports!

By Leila Anderson

With sports coming up in the new year, now is the time to get your seasonal passes! Students around the school come together to buy their tickets to Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer games. The seasonal passes are (TBD) and can be purchased at tailgate, or (TBD). Don’t miss out on this opportunity! For just (…) dollars you can get into every game for free! Going to the sports games and competitions show your support for your fellow students and team members! Harrison games are exciting and full of energy, this is a good chance to watch a game and hang out with your friends! The season starts with Basketball, then changes to Football and etc..  Trust me, you don’t want to miss the intense games between our rival…SIERRA. Sometimes games are neck and neck, one point apart. The hype is real. Going to the games creates memories that you have to hold onto for years even past high school. The band places, the cheerleaders get the crowd pumped, and the game goes on! There are contests for most pride, t-shirt cannons, and even chances to get on the track and dance along with everyone else as the announcer plays classic hits!

Looking For A Better Life

As many may know or don’t know, my dad is not from the US and he was born in Mexico City. He came to the US to look for a better life and to help my brother and I, he came with little to no money and almost didn’t make it across. When he crossed he came to Colorado and that’s when he met my mom, that’s when things started looking good and he had hope. Since my mom is from Colorado, she promised him she would help get him his documents to be able to be legal but that the process would be long. Growing up was very hard and I did not have it easy, I never really got the things I wanted and when I did it’s because my dad worked hard to get them for me. My dad worked everyday and long hours just to support us and get us the things we wanted, and I was always appreciative of my dad for this. Everyone in the family knows that he’s a dad girl because I am the only girl out of my 6 brothers, so me and my dad had a very close bond. He worked everyday to be able to have my quince and the day of my quince he was so emotional and it just made me happy to think that my parents made everything possible for me to have it. My dad is a very hardworking man and it sucks to see that with everything going on in the world with racism and how my dad and the Latin community get looked at as “bad people” when in reality all they want is a better life. I remind my family that we are not bad people and we pray everyday that things get better because that’s all we can do. This process has not been easy but very stressful and I am very glad that we have came this far. To any other families out there that have been through the same thing, I just want to say it’s not easy but you will get through it.


Many countries have different traditions and reasons for Thanksgiving. Some may be similar and some very different. The US thanksgiving traditions are having a turkey, cranberry sauce, mash potatoes gravy and so much more for dinner and dessert. Some families have a tradition of cracking a wishbone, which is the neck between the neck and chest of the bird. Whoever gets the bigger piece they make a wish. Usually, there’s a football game and the families that like football will watch with friends and family. Some families will watch holiday movies all day and spend time with their family and friends. America’s reason behind thanksgiving is a day to celebrate and being thankful for the year and harvest they could bring in. Some countries celebrate thanksgiving but not quite like the US. Some don’t celebrate on the same day either. Grenada, a country in the Caribbean, celebrates thanksgiving on October 25th because that’s when the American soldiers rescued them from a communist takeover. Even though the native people were confused about the idea of thanksgiving they saw it as a day their people were free. When the soldiers told them about thanksgiving they saw it as a way they could re-pay the soldiers for helping them and since they would miss it at their homes they thought they could give it to the soldiers as a way to pay their debt in away. So, some people see turkey day as eating a lot of food and being with family and friends. But some see it as a day of being set free and celebrating life.


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Nephrotic syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome, what is that you may ask. That might have never even came to mind and I understand why, 1 in 3,000,000 get this chronological disease. But now to explain what this is, Nephrotic syndrome all starts with a tiny cell in your blood called C3NF when it activates your immune system. It may not sound bad but once the immune system is activated it starts attacking someone thing and that something is your kidneys. The immune system uncontrollably starts going at it with your kidneys causing damage making them release liquid into your body causing you to swell up. And if not checked out your kidneys could have permanent damage, this could lead to kidney failure and sometimes death. You may ask why is he talking about this, because I’ve been battling with this disease since March of 2020.  

Photo by Chokniti Khongchum on Pexels.com

It’s been scary, frustrating, depressing, and anxious. Every time I went to the doctor it was like I went to get bad news it got worse and worse. In June of 2020 it got to a point where I gained 40 pounds in nothing but liquid. You couldn’t even recognize my face. The only thing that could help were steroids and not even that helped me out. Last check up I had in September 23, 2020 was when my mother got one of the hardest pills to swallow. The doctor said nothing was working and we would have to make the decision of picking this medication that would have a 50% chance it works or a 50% it doesn’t and I get meningitis. If you’re asking what that it, it is the start of your brain getting swollen which in a lot of cases leads to death. Next check up is November 23, 2020, 5 days before my birthday, and depending on how labs go, we either chose that med or we don’t.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Photo by Inzmam Khan on Pexels.com

How you can help your community!!

By: Bailee Melo 11/1/20

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There are many, many ways to indulge in making your community better. Whether that’s something really big or something really small. There are many ways for both, like starting a fundraiser for the school or your church or simpler things like picking up trash or cleaning up a building. One idea for community service is to show veterans you care. And if you don’t know what that is, well it is a smaller form of care and positivity. For example, students can make cards that are thanking them or just simply showing them love, especially for the holidays and then they are mailed to them! Or another way is having a car wash. It might be cliché, but trust me they are super fun and they help a lot. They make your super clean.

Or if none if these ideas fancy you, you can always talk Mr. Stapleton in room 905 or email him at bstapleton@hsd2.org to discuss the Community Service Club. This club helps with your community service hours or if you just want to do it for fun. You do things like clean up the trash around the school, or clean inside the school, or many more things like so. It is very worth it to try it out.

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I promise you helping your community improve is so worth it, whether that’s outside or inside! It also improves the community’s positivity and attitude. It makes the people inside the community feel more comfortable and clean. It also helps you!! Whether that’s outside of your house, or at your school, or even on your resume…etc. I believe you will feel so much better not only about your surroundings, but also about yourself. Try it out!

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