Always be Kind

What is being kind ?

having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature.

“she was a good, kind woman”

I think that being kind in such a harsh world is so important. Learn to nice compliments all the time, be kind to yourself and hype yourself up. The words you say to people stick so use kind words when speaking.

  • If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it
  • Choose what you say wisely
  • Think before speaking
  • If you don’t want something said to you, maybe you shouldn’t say that to someone else
  • Be nice yo yourself
  • Love yourself

Getting the Motivation In Highschool

Accomplishing goals and having that proud feeling that you finally did something that you’ve been dreading to do is what most people want, but something always manages to get in the way. Laziness, procrastination, mental problems, scared of failure and many more other things can interfere with wanting and giving effort.

What is Motivation?

Motivation can be defined as the will to want to keep going. It’s how you perceiver through anything that is thrown at you. Human desire to change yourself or your environment so it could become better then what it is. You want the satisfaction so when you finally success in what you’ve been working so hard on.

Why is Motivation so important?

Motivation allows you to keep going and reach your goals. When you sit and do nothing about what you want, it wont really get you anywhere. With motivation, you will be able to make it where you want to be in life. Working for what you desire will help get you to the point where you think, “I made it” and the great feeling of relief after all the hard work.

So how do different people try and get the motivation they need? To figure this out, I asked a few people, “What motivates you?” Seeing how different people who have approached difficulty, pushing themselves forward to keep going will allow others to also get some advice and ideas on what to do when they may need help.

Interviews with Highschool Students

Sydney: Sophomore

When talking to Sydney, she explained how last year she was going through her second college class and there was an essay she had to write about a topic she did not understand. She specified how she didn’t give up through the struggle. After listening to her and understanding what she went through, I asked her, ” When you said you didn’t give up, what motivated you to keep going?”

She laughs and states, “Not failing the class.”

This really shows how the thought of not passing a class can really push someone and strive to make sure that does not end up happening.

Dezera: Sophomore

When Dezera explained how she has went through struggles through Highschool she explained how she fixed that when she was asked, ” What do you do to overcome those difficulties?”

Dezera mentions, “Well you see here I just think to myself, and I tell myself how I got this and not to ever give up because you know what I can do this if Einstein could do it then I could do it too.”

This shows how many can get inspired by big people who made it far in life. She wants to become someone bigger and wants to show how others can also.

Zaria: Junior

When I asked Zaria, “What do you do when you find something that’s too difficult for you.”

She replies, “Usually I sit on it or ill work on it, and if I realize I cant get it, I would take a break and then ill look at the question again and ill think about ways that I could use my prior knowledge to answer the question. Like finding a short cut to where it makes sense to me.”

Then I asked her, “Whenever you start giving up, what motivates you to keep going or who motivates you in any difficult situation?”

“The result after…like just being optimistic about like what I can get out of actually doing whatever it is. Rather then just focusing on the bad side of struggling.

“Is there anyone that helps you during this?”

“Ummm…usually my mommy.”

The future feeling of accomplishment shows how it can help struggles and can motivate you to push yourself. Also people like family will be there to push you forward as well.

Ethan: Junior

Ethan loves to sing and has an amazing singing food. I asked him, “Does it ever get too difficult for you, to where you wanna give up?”

“No I normally just push through things, there have been a few times where I doubted myself a lot but I never really gave up on it, especially my passions.”

“When you mentioned you don’t give up and you push through, what motivated you to push through?”

“I think what mostly motivates me is the idea of growth, I just wanna be better the next day then I was today.”

“So like the thought that you would become a bigger person?”

“Exactly, ill overcome it.”

Watching as Ethan sees the world through passions and to keep going really makes my mind set. This shows how if you work through your passion and motivate yourself with the idea that soon you will be farther then you were, you can become whatever you want.

Leslie: Senior

Seeing how people in Highschool may have gave up really shows how difficult it can be. When asking Leslie, “During your Highschool experience, did you ever feel like you want to give up?”

“No not really cause if I would procrastinate, that would mean more work. So I learned how to multitask with everything like working and school.”

“Does it ever get stressful for you?”

“Yes but I don’t show it to people”

“How do you push yourself through?”

“I tell myself that I want the career path that I wanna take, so just say if I am stressed, I tell myself ‘you are working hard for yourself and being better for yourself… Also my mom and my dad’ so I would keep pushing.”

Leslie shows how she goes through tough times, but she will always be there for herself. She pushed herself through and gives herself positive affirmations to keep the motivation up.

Brianna: Senior

With Brianna, she tells me how she has had been through struggles in Highschool. I asked her “During those struggles, was there anyone or anything that motivated you to keep going?”

“I would say my little siblings motivated me because I know that they look up to me and also I prayed my way through Highschool, like putting God first and made sure that I would pray.”

Through a short conversation it was clear that having the motivation by putting God in your life and having that support would help.

Can Motivation Come From Anything?

Motivation can be supported through anything. You give yourself motivation or have people there for you. Having a good mindset will allow you to push yourself and believe that everything can happen if you put your mind to it.

-Lesly Quinonez

HHS New Courses

Each year is a new year full of new opportunities, and changes. Many new courses are being added to HHS for the year of 2022-2023. There is a range of options to choose from. With all these options you can always find what will be best for you, and something of your best interest. Intro to Engineering gives students the opportunity to becomes involved on hands-on projects that require mathematics, science, and engineering. Students review problems, document work in an engineering notebook and design solutions using 3D modeling software. If you are someone who like to volunteer and help, Partners in PE would be a good choice to choose from. Partners in PE allows students with a firm grasp on basic sports skills who are interested in developing leadership skills, have compassion for and or pursing a career working with individuals with disabilities. SL film is another choice to choose from to develop critical abilities and appreciation of artistic cultural historical and global perspectives of film through the study and analysis of film texts and productions. SL economics works with microeconomic and macroeconomic theories and concepts and their real-world application development an appreciation of the impact of individuals and societies of economic interactions between nations and develop an awareness of the development issues facing nation s as they undergo the process of change. A couple more options to choose from are PLTW Principals of Engineering, Foundations of Multimedia Design, SL Lang & Lit, SL Theater, HL Info Tech in Global, HL History, SL Biology, SL Chemistry, and plenty of more new options.

School Not Being Taken Serious

I believe there is a deeper purpose behind what schools serves as. I also believe that some people are just not good at school and its okay not being good at school. In just our everyday lives we learn something new everyday and other than learning how to read, write or solve a math equation we learn everyday lessons in school to. Teachers get upset when students are just a few minutes late and while in the moment it seems harsh to give the student punishment by marking their attendance as tardy, its just something to learn. In the real world, you have a job and you need to be their at a specific time, and this time if you are late consistently than that could cost you your job. This job pays your bills and you could easily be out of one if you’re always late. You’ve been so immune to always being just a few minutes late to things like class and you developed bad traits. That is just one way to show a perspective of how school can be looked at differently than just reading and writing. School can also be good for learning social skills and I think everyone takes advantage of that an than you have a school where individuals can’t learn to get along and they go out to the real world facing real world consequences. I believe if you don’t even like the sitting in class part of school there is other ways to think of school and how much it affects the development of individuals.


When you see a good opportunity for yourself , never hold back and hesitate. Many people will come across so many good opportunities in their life but because they feel like they cant take that opportunity or feel like they’ll embarrass themselves after the fact of trying they will miss that many more opportunities.

Opportunities only come so many times in our whole life time, and when a person is holding their self’s back or putting someone else before them is the worst for your well-being. Be selfish when it comes to your happiness and success, not others because no one else is going to put you in a good full 4 year ride of college, or to be in a movie, or to become the most well known, most loved person everyone knows. Never hold yourself back because you will do nothing else but regret and think twice about how your life couldve been better

End of the year

I’m honestly scared to graduate, just because I don’t want to grow up yet and im scared that I wont be able to walk on graduation. I have all of my credits and im passing all of my classes but because it is a mandatory tests. I’ve passed both of them BUT now it’s on to the actual math one, the practice tests were kind of hard just because I don’t understand how to do the percentages and fractions, which is my fault because I cheated all last year in math, solely because when I asked for help in math I’d always get told to go look at the links in class. But so far im excited to go to prom! My boyfriend and I won the free tickets!

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Interview on teacher of the year

These are some of the questions I asked our teacher of the year for Harrison High School Joe Rodrigues. And these are his responses:

(We have also included his journey from a freshman in high school to teaching at Harrison)

Can you tell us about yourself?

Yeah, I’m the youngest of seven kids from a family of immigrant parents who came from Portugal, so we were all born in California. And then we moved out to Colorado and when I was like 4. Moved into District 2 and then when I was in the third grade I have been in District 2 ever since. All of my brother and sister graduated from her then of course I have come back as a teacher and a coach.

What inspires you?

Big inspiration is my family so. I was the 1st in my family to get a bachelor’s degree and then also get a Masters degree, but we were always taught by our parents just like work hard and so you know in my family everybody’s worked hard. Everybody owns their own home. They all have good paying jobs and that’s just comes from all the hard work and leadership that they’ve you know helped me with.

What is one of your hidden talents?

I don’t know if I have any other than mapping all the time and my like, my brain is very mapping so., there are lots of people who use like google map to get them somewhere like if I just look at the map once, I’m good.

How would you describe your job?

It is the best job in the world actually. For all teachers like while we’re all content specialists and we know our craft. We’re also teaching like life skills and I always try to incorporate that into the classroom so we can share with me that they’ve got a new job or they had to change their tax, you know, information? Like what does that even mean? And I’m able to share that information with them and and educate them on on things they’ll need when they leave high school, other than academics.

What are your thoughts on most of your students?

I think we have some of the hardest working students in the city, not only do most of them, you know come to school and work hard, then they go home, take care of siblings, they take care of elderly parents/grandparents. They go and work jobs until 10-11 o’clock at night. And so they’re just nonstop all the time, hardworking and fun kiddos.

Why did you want to become a teacher?

Yeah, I’m not really sure how that happens, so I think once upon a time when I was in elementary like for sure, I think that I like, probably verbalize that at some point or even wrote that for some assignment or something being the youngest of seven, I didn’t have the change to go to college right away unless I was paying for it. And so I just joined the workforce and worked as a manager for Taco Bell for 12 years. And then I was tired of making chalupas. So I decided to go back to college. You know, I stayed with the company for 12 years, but what part of it I liked the most and it was when I was training new managers or training new employees and teaching them like the ropes that always interests me. So teaching seemed like a natural fit. And then like I said, my brain’s pretty nerdy so, math was also the natural fit.

What Is Your Greatest Strength?

I think one of my greatest strengths is building relationships. I’m able to meet people usually on their level of comfort and I don’t like to see sad people, so I think I always try to make people laugh. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it’s miss. But yeah, I think my people relationships is probably one of my best.

do you plan to leave any time soon?

It’s a running joke that I think I will retire here and that eventually they will just bury me under my classroom and that will be my final resting place. But no, I have no plans to leave Harrison. I thoroughly enjoy being a Panther. Like I said, I’ve been a District 2 for the better part of my life since 3rd grade. So yeah no not leaving anytime soon.

What has challenged you the most about your job?

Probably getting over my own hang ups maybe my slight OCD about things and like I can only control the things on my desk and in my world. Getting to that point with my students, I think early on in my teaching career I was very like black and white, black and white, and the longer you’re here, you kind of learn. There’s a little bit of Gray and you kind of play with the lines a little bit as you go along, so I think that has really helped me. But if I’m more relaxed, they’re more relaxed and, things just flow better.

How do you motivate your students to come to class?

Well, that was not always easiest, I hope that this happens through my instruction. It’s hard for students to sit there, and like be quacked at the whole time, so I use more of an exploration approach where they’re able to kind of like get into it, , interact with it, interact with each other, and then essentially they’re teaching each other the formulas. Then we just solidified by saying, yeah, that’s what you did. You got to this formula, congratulations. Hopefully it makes them more comfortable with a subject that most people are uncomfortable with.

What’s the best/worst thing about being a teacher?

I think the best thing is seeing the end result. I feel like I get this question a lot from new teachers and people who aren’t in the teaching profession as well, but it’s like, well like, why do you stay like? What do you stay for? You know what I stay for that student who couldn’t make it to class as a freshman and didn’t get any work done, but then somehow find a connection with either, you know myself or with another teacher in the building and could realize the value of the education turned it around and they still get to graduate with their peers at the end. Or they’ve left and got on to college and their first generation like it’s always the end result. There are always bad days and tough situations in teaching that we deal with everyday and I have to remind myself everyday that like, It’s all about the end result at the end of the road.

What differences do you see in your morning students versus the afternoon classes?

The later in the day the more on time the students are, and the more active they are. The more chatty they are and they are easier to engage into the lesson the later in the day it is.

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?

Never ride off your dreams. We live in a society where everything is instant and instant gratification, and so I think sometimes we set ourselves up. By you know, having these dreams, but if we don’t achieve them by the timeline that we imagined, we consider ourselves failures. And that’s not the truth, because as long as you achieve it at some point like you still achieved it, and there’s no failure in that, and you know, I always knew that college was an option for me. It just it wasn’t the timing wasn’t there financially. I wasn’t there when I was able to do it, I took advantage of it, and here I am, enjoying my best life.

How do you think students will remember you and your class?

I hope they remember me as fun but also, as a motivator that I helped them find their niche. You know math is tough, It’s tough subjects sometimes. And I think through the way that I teach allowed them to explore a little bit and let them know that. One of the things I love about math and why I do love teaching is that there’s never just ,one way to get to the answer. And that’s just that’s what life lessons are, right. Like everywhere we go, no matter what industry you end up. After you graduate, you’re never going to have the same problem, and so being able to find other ways to get to the right answer to solve the problem. That’s what I like, so hopefully they get comfortable with that in life.

JRod his Freshman year
JRod his Sophomore year
JRod his Junior year
JRod his Senior year
JRod teaching in 2014
JRod teaching in 2015
JRod teaching in 2017
JRod teaching in 2018
JRod teaching in 2019
JRod teaching in 2020

Ruby Ordaz

Summer Vacay

Summer time around the corner are you guys ready? I know I am. No school, no homework, no grades just time to kick back and relax a time to do all the fun summer activities again. Some of the activities I am doing this summer is swimming, hiking, camping going to amusement parks etc… there is so much to do in the summer time but I used this time as a vacation. I am so looking forward to catch up on sleep and hanging out with friends. We’re all going to hang out and fun. I’m also planning on going to Eliches with my friends and going swimming there as well. Speaking of swimming, I also plan on getting on a bunch of different swimsuits too. One I have in my mind has a bunch of palm trees on it. I’m also getting a new car possibly this summer. I might also go camping in the mountains as well and roast some marshmallows with hot dogs and have some s’mores too. That’s how my summer’s probably going to go, what do you plan on doing this summer?

Social Media Awareness

For many people, social media is a fun place to be. It’s where we show off, where we connect with friends and loved ones, and where we sometimes meet new people and discover new interests. But all this comes with a price. Social media has a dark side which troubles many, including safety and privacy experts. Knowing what we know, should we still be on social media? 

People use social media to discover about everything from customer service to politics, but the negativity to this is that our feeds often compare an endless stream of stress. In 2015, researchers at the Pew Research Center based in Washington DC fought to find out if social media causes more stress than it relieves.  

Colorado Weather

Valencia Gonzalez

If you live in Colorado Springs, you must know the very crazy weather we get. One day it could be sunny and hot, then the next could be a horrible snowstorm. This week in Colorado Springs, the weather has been amazing. All week it has been 60 degrees to 85. Amazing weather to take family out to the park and play outside.

Springtime is a very crazy time for Colorado Springs because it could snow, rain, and be very nice out any day. Thats what makes it so great, every day is a surprise because you don’t know what the weather is going to be. Overnight the weather forecast could change so it is always good to check the news every morning.