The Interview By Dezera Martinez

“Belief Meaning” – “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.” “trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.” – Safari

Lesly Quinonez, a Sophomore at Harrison High School, allowed me to ask and give questions about a topic that always comes to my mind. My goal of this interview was to get another persons perspective on their beliefs and have an open-mind about what they have to say.

Dezera/Interviewer- Today it is December 12, 2022 and I am here with Lesly Quinonez and I am here to interview her for my Yearbook Final.

Dezera- To start off Lesly how are you doing this evening?

Lesly- I am doing fine, just stressed about school.

Dezera- Oh yes, I think many people here at the school are stressed about the finals! But I wanted to ask you how are your beliefs with ghosts?

Lesly- Well I do believe in ghosts but it’s just too hard to understand how they can be messing with your mind. Like what I mean by that is some believe that ghosts flicker the light on and off or they just do things like that. Some have good or bad energy.

Dezera- Yes I understand where you are coming from, have you heard of Psychics?

Lesly- Yes, and no.

Dezera- Well Psychics can feel a dead person I believe and they can communicate with them as well. But I was just wondering your input on ghosts and if you believe in things like that. Thanks for tuning in.


Today i interviewed a straight A student here at Harrison high school and here is how is how it went…

E- Hi, who am I here with today?

L-Leslie Dominguez Mendoza

E-What grade are you in?

L-Eleventh grade

E-How old are you?

L- 16 years old 

E- Can I ask you a couple of questions?

L- Yea go ahead. 

E-First one is, how would you describe your 2022?

L-This year started off really strong. I got all of my work done, and I made sure to stay really energized by drinking lots of coffee. I started a ton of new habits. For example, sleeping for 8 hours and drinking enough water.

E-Alrighty, and on a scale from 1-10, how would you rate the year and why?

L- Id give this year a solid 7. This is because I wast able to do everything I wanted. I wasn’t able to travel to Mexico and I wasn’t able to visit my family members.But this year I did get a new kitten and I named her Salami. 

E-Alright and what do you think your favorite memory this year is and why? 

L-My favorite memory this year would have to be my birthday. This year I got a personalized ice cream cake and lots of money. I also went to my favorite restaurant. 

E- Alrighty and if you could change one thing from this year what would it be and why would you want to change it?

L-Id like to change the fact that we have limited busses and too many students and I hate having to fit 3 students to a seat, when theres barely any room for 2. 

E-What were you hoping for in the new year and if anything what will you be changing?

L- Im hoping to find a college that will best fit my views and my career choice as a nurse. I want to change how I veiw myself and others.

E-What do you think of the first semester that just ended?

L-This semester went really well for me and I ended up with really good grades and I wasn’t too stressed. Iff I ever ran into any problems, my teachers helped me out.

E- How would you describe grades and attendance?

L-My grades are above average and my attendance could use some work but hopefully i can fix this by next semester

E- and why do you think that you have those grades?

L- I work really hard for my grades and i make sure not to fool around and make sure to get all my work done. 

E- And who is your biggest inspiration? 

L- my biggest inspiration is my mom, she works non stop to be able to get us through life, and i hope i get to have the same motivation as she does.

E- perfect, and do you think this next semester will be better or worse?

L- I definitely feel next semester will be more challenging, but i kow i will be able to get through those challenges and end the semester strong.

E- and do you feel accomplished with how this semester ended? 

L- Yes, i say this semester ended very well. 

Made by Elysia and Kaidence DeBlasio

The impact of coaching – Antonio Shedrick

Antonio Shedrick better known around Harrison as Coach Antonio, has been coaching at Harrison for only 9 seasons, coaching basketball and football. Antonio grew up in Raines, South Carolina. After asking him how his childhood was, he described it as ” wasn’t the normal.” Antonio was adopted at the age of 10 by a wonderful family, who gave him a great home, which made him the man he is today. The beginning of his coaching career didn’t start as most would believe. In 2007, Antonio was stationed in Fort Hood, Tx. He signed his son up for one year flag football, on the first day once they arrived he noticed the team was left without a coach. Seeing this opportunity, Antonio stepped up and began coaching, falling in love with it and never looking back. When asked about what was the biggest impact a coach has made on him, he remembered one of his coaches by the name of Taft Watson. Waston coached at Antonio’s high school back in Raines, South Carolina. Antonio took the many life lessons taught to him by his high school coach; the main one being that if he ever wanted to coach, it would be more than just the game of basketball. Seeing the joy on kids faces is what makes coaching fulfilling to Antonio. ” Sometimes we get players that may have never played the game before. In practice you going over drills to make these players better. Once you see them execute it in a game and they look at you and smile is the best feeling ever.” Coaching has taught Antonio patience. Realizing that many children should know some things because he believes are simple , is not the case for him. To have the patience to teach a skill to a player maybe for a week maybe for a month, but that is apart of his job as a coach. When asked about his most memorable moment from his 9 seasons of coaching at Harrison, Antonio brings up a specific date. November 9,2017, the first playoff game Harrison had ever won at the time. The team played Holy Family at home, after defeating them Harrison football moved on to the second round of playoffs. On top of these amazing accomplishment, it was also his birthday making the day even more special. Harrison has become a special home for Antonio, reminds him of his high school back home. Once Melo gave him the opportunity to coach at the school, he never looked back. Many offers to coach all around the Springs, Antonio has and will continue to stay where his heart is happy, at Harrison. Some advice for my generation from him was ” to strive to always be the best at whatever you want to do in life. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.” Still receiving calls from former players that he has coached over the years simply saying Thank you, Antonio continues to make an impact on players lives. Personally, Antonio hasn’t just been my basketball coach for the past 3 years, he has been a major role model in my life in and outside basketball.

~Zaria Graham

New Years Resolutions

Many people have different rituals for new years, some spend it with family, some alone, some light fireworks and some get wasted and forget the night. no matter what your ritual is it is important to think about the year you are stepping into. Set goals for yourself to grow whether you want to go to the gym or read more it is important to set the bar higher for yourself so your growth doesn’t plateau.

Most people set goals for themselves for the new year but never follow through with it. This is a bad habit that many people fall into towards the end of january. It might be easier to meet your goals if you make your goals easier to reach, for example fi you would like to start going to the gym maybe st your goal to go once a week and once you have that down go twice a week then three times and so on. It is important to keep that motivation so start small and stay strong

Porscha Randolph: A Harrison Alumni

Porscha Randolph has been a part of the district 2 family as a student and an employee since 2000, when she was a freshman at Harrison she also worked as a janitor at Otero Elementary. Since then she has kept in contact with many of her peers no matter the distance or time. once she graduated from harrison in 2004, she moved to texas for a couple years. Once she moved back to colorado springs she realized the cheer program she knew and loved so dearly in her teen years was very unorganized and no one really loved what they were doing. This hit Porscha hard due to her devotion and love to cheer for the four years she was in high school and in her college years as well. This gave her the motivation to swoop in and renovate the Panther cheerleaders into what they were once before. When Porscha was in high school her cheer coach was extremely strict about grades, which pushed them to do better. She wanted the same for future cheerleaders, her main goal as a coach was to create lifelong bonds between peers, to create an outlet for boys and girls to come and just enjoy what they are doing. Harrison has changed a lot over the years in the eyes of Porscha, in her days as a high schooler everyone was family and there was a lot of school spirit compared to now. Once she became a coach for the Harrison Panthers you know and love today it took a lot of work to bring the love and family aspect of cheer back. Another one of Porscha’s goals for the Harrison Panthers is to win state championships. in the ast the D2 community was extremely close to each other and still talk to each other to this day, but with these younger generations, there are more cliques and less love between peers.


A dog is a mans best friend. They can help us with some over the things that we cant see are wrong with us. Service dogs have been here since 1990, helping people with disabilities. Dogs can detect when our blood sugar and pressure is low. Those dogs are trained to be able to smell that and tell the people when its to low and to high.

Dogs are very adorable and very special. They make life for so much people better. You can come home to a dog and not have to stress or worry about anything. You can have a small dog or a big dog. They have a lot of trust and we really don’t deserve them. Some get miss treated and hurt. -Ruby

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The Life of Clair Markwell

By: Tiana Hayes

After sitting down and talking with Clair there are a lot of things, I have learned about her and her life experiences. She is a Junior here at Harrison Highschool, on her way to graduating with her Associates and Highschool Diploma. Education has always been a big part of her life, being that she likes to learn. Some of her favorite classes being History and Science.

“I really am a nut for History, and Science and like Biology and Chemistry.” Clair says when expressing her love for the subjects. When asked what she likes to do for fun or in her free time, she expresses pretty clearly her love for art. Since art has always been an option for her since she was little, she has grown to really love it. Being not only in the art class but also a TA for it, she has gotten the opportunity to try different styles projects.

Art was able to help her get through the loss of her friend. By continuing the painting, she had started before and finishing it even after. “I guess art helped me through it, because that painting got like supper dark and stuff, but it helped me process. So, art is a therapy for me.”

Being that the end of her high school career is coming to an end, Clair has many things to look forward to including moving to college. With many interests in mind, she has a many different things to look forward too. When asked what she thinks she might want to do after school, she tells me all the different things that follow along her interest.

“I’ve thought about being like a fulltime artist, or something to do with art like Graphic Design. But then I’m also thinking about science and like being a veterinarian or a Biologist”

With the help of her friends and family for helping her keep going, Clair is going to have formfilling life. Knowing what she wants to do she won’t have any trouble getting there. All we can do now is wish her good luck.


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Hanukkah is a Jewish festival celebrating the recovery of Jerusalem and subsequent rededication of the Second Temple. It will be celebrated the evening of Sunday, December 18-Monday, December 26 2022. What does a traditional Hanukkah look like? When gift-giving, “don’t go overboard” . Gifts such as books, jewelry, and food are appropriate Hanukkah presents. Personalized family gifts are also appropriate. On the first night of Hanukkah, you place a candle in the holder on the far right, and light it with the Shamash. Then put the Shamash back in its spot. On the second night, light the candle second from the right, then the candle on the far right, and replace the lit Shamash. What is the proper way to light a menorah? Each night you add a new candle before lighting. Candles are placed in the menorah from right to left but candles are lit from left to right. Hanukkah is an interesting eight-day Jewish celebration.

Fun Fact: Hanukkah means ‘dedication’

Human of Harrison- Dayna

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A senior at our school, Dayna Benitez will be graduating May 2023. A little into her personal life Dayna balances school and work. Having good grades and being very responsible. I interviewed Dayna for being a good student and to talk about how to keep going in school.

Leslie (Interviewer)- “It is December 12, 2022 the first day of finals, How are you feeling?”

Dayna(Student)- “Good, ready for break”

L- “How would you rate your 2022-2023 year?”

D- “9/10, It was a really good year for me.”

L- “What made this year a good year for you?”

D- “I am almost done with school and am focused on my future.”

L- “Would you say you met your goals this year?”

D- “Yes, I did accomplish a lot.”

L- “What would you have changed?”

D- “The people I surrounded myself with.”

L- “Any advice you would want to give other students/others?”

D- “When you are close to giving up, push yourself to keep going.”

L- “Thank you for making time for my interview, this concludes our interview and we are ready for 2023.”


Pumpkins , a fruit that grows out of the ground form a thick brown stem into a orange body with groves. Pumpkins are considered to be in the squash family and typically grown for human consumption , livestock consumption ,special decoration on Halloween season. Pumpkins are also commonly used to be eaten as a pie or with the seeds. Pumpkins are also extremely healthy with low calories and high in nutrients , especially the seeds. If your not a fan of pumpkin seeds then you like to try pumpkin pie which gives the fruit a more sweet take that perfect for the Thanksgiving season.

Pumpkins have grown into a strong tradition for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Halloween has built the traditions of making jack – o – lanterns. A jack- o – lantern is a pumpkin that gets carved out to make a face then there’s a light put inside to make it a lantern. Every year Around Halloween every who partakes in the tradition will set there pumpkin made lanterns up with unique faces up for Halloween day. The origins of the Jack – o – lantern would be within Irish myth. Irish people would carve out pumpkins in order to scare a demon/ghost named Jack. When Irish people immigrated to America they used pumpkins to carve out to continue the tradition since they were native to America , Which is how the Tradition of Pumpkin carving on Halloween came from.

We also find Pumpkins having heavy significance for another American tradition , Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pies would first be made by the Native Americans who would then gift it to the first settlers and the pilgrims. As it be hard to travel across early day America the pilgrims would just get by in food and had to use anything to survive. This habit of surviving off anything they could would start the tradition of Thanksgiving within American , and Pumpkins would be one of those items that those Pilgrims would be thankfully for which is why we eat pumpkin pie to this day.