Folklore refers to cultural expressions such as beliefs, customs, stories, legends, myths, songs, dances, festivals, food, and costumes through which groups share an identity, Folklores are passed through generations by word of mouth. Folklore encompasses the traditions common to that culture, subculture or group. They include material culture ranging from traditional building styles common to the group, they also include customary lore, taking actions for folk beliefs, the forms of rituals and celebrations such as Christmas and Weddings, folk dances and initiation rites. Each on of these is either considered a folklore artifact or traditional cultural expressions.

The concept of folk has varied over time. When this term was first created folk applied only too rural, frequently poor and illiterate peasants. The more modern definition of a folk is a social group that includes two or more persons with common traits, who express their shared identity through distinctive traditions. The most popular folklores around the world include Red riding hood, Goldilocks and the three bears, chicken little, Ghost stories etc…

why we should change school lunch

School lunch needs to be better, they act like we are in a jail or something. Kids need 1,800-2,400 and I feel they don’t feed us like we should and why is it so different than normal food why does it taste like boxed food that doesn’t go bad. I had found in a website that kids need 6.5 ounces of protein. Then we need two cups of fruit. Also it says we need 3 cups of vegetables and 8 ounces of grains. Schools should change how they provide our food because we don’t get fruit or vegetables all the time another thing is school lunch is low quality it is old and already precooked witch could be unappealing to kids witch makes them decide to not just eat.

Another reason school lunch should be changed is they should improve and give us more neutron and the reason I say this is because it makes kids more focused in school and it also improves test scores and better behavior. About 34 percent of kids in a school do not eat the lunch because they don’t like the food they get provided from school. A website you can read on why our lunches effect our academics is

. So this is why school lunch should change.

January Book Reviews

By: Tiana Hayes

For the new year I decided that I was going to read 3 books each month and I thought I would tell you about them.

A Crack in the Line

A Crack in the Line, by Michael Lawrence, is a story about the lives of teens that change for ever. Alaric lives with his father in the Withern Rise that is slowly falling apart after his mother dies. Naia lives with her mother and father in the Withern Rise, slowly putting their lives back together after her mother’s accident. After meeting each other for the first time, they try to figure out what mysteries force has brought them together and why.

If you enjoy Mystery and Suspense, I recommend this book. You get to learn about the lives of Alaric and Naia and how similar everything seems to them until the accident. You get to figure out with them how they are connected and get to see each other. Their history is a mystery and so is their future. An overall good story.

Follow Me Back

Follow Me Back, by A.V. Geiger, is about Tessa and her agoraphobia and obsession with pop star Eric Thorn. With nothing better to do, she hyperfocus on this singer and even begins a popular hashtag on twitter. Eric Thorn on the other hand is trying to stay safe after the death of a fellow pop star due to an obsessed fan. Hoping to escape from his life, he creates a fake twitter account and stars talking with Tessa. His plan backfires ever so slightly and a friendship blooms. But neither of them knows what they got themselves into.

I really enjoyed this story. It was very suspenseful and got me addicted to it. There is another book in the series that I am currently trying to get my hands on. If you like Dark, Suspenseful, and Romantic stories I would recommend this one. You get to watch their relationship build off of complete trust because they have never actually meet.

What if it’s Us

What if it’s Us, by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera, is about young Ben and Arthur who meet in a post office of New York. Arthur visiting for the summer and Ben living there all is life, they believe the universe brought them together. Attempting to start a relationship they go through many ups and downs and dates. Many, many dates. Ben is trying his best to be a good boyfriend and Arther is giving it his all.

This was a good story. If you like Romance, Drama, Suspense, I would recommend this book. You get to experience the young love with them, all their wrongs and rights, thoughts and feelings. Not only that but this story is told from both their perspectives each chapter.

If you have been looking for a book to read, I hope this has helped you out or introduced you to knew genres and authors.


Fruit are a category of plant that grows with seeds within the edible parts of the of the plant. An example would be strawberries , watermelon , and tomatoes but they come in all types of shapes and colors from big and small to bright or dull. Fruits are categorize into subgroups of fruit like your berries or melons.

Berries are most like category of fruit you think of first. berries are usually small fruit with skinny skin and edible seeds. Fruits categorized here would strawberries , blackberries , raspberries , and grapes.

Drupes and Pomes are fruits with the seed in the middle of the fruit. Drupes more pacifically have one large hard pit in the center while pomes have multiply little seed in the center. Examples of a Pome would be common fruit like apples and pear , and Drupes are like Peaches , Plums and Cherries

The next fruit we have are the citrus fruit which are tangy , sour that has a thick membrane and separates the flesh in to segments. Examples of citrus fruit would be oranges , tangerines , lemons , limes , grapefruit. Citric acid , the stuff found in sour candy , is actually naturally taken citrus. Most modern day citrus fruit has actually evolve from lemons and oranges primary.

After the citrus fruit we have our juicy melons. melon are large fruits with thick skin and a lot of seeds pack inside the flesh. The most well known melon fruit are watermelons , honeydews , cantaloupe , and melons there selves. Watermelons are elite.

Finally we have are tropical fruit , this is a wider variety of fruit that aren’t as similar to each other and could also be categorized into other groups of fruit. These fruit are all grown in the tropical regions of earth and many are considered to be exotic. Fruits in this category are Bananas , pineapples , mangos , kiwi , durians , and many more crazy and weird fruit in this category.

In conclusion fruit come in all sort of weird shapes , sizes , and colors from all around the word. Although they many are loved and many more are hated they all have there unique traits to them showing us that they all deserve a spot here on earth.


December is the final month of the year in the winter season when it snows. This time off year is when Christmas and new years takes place. December also represents rebirth and new begins for all.

The first half of December is Christmas. Christmas is seen as the most anticipated holiday of the year for most. For the lead up to Christmas people will put up Christmas trees with light and set up there houses with bright and pretty decoration. Then others will have big Christmas feast and part take in certain Christmas. An example of Christmas food would be something like candy canes, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, gingerbread house, and other foods of that nature. eventually it will be Christmas eve , the day before Christmas. On Christmas eve it is tradition to leave milk and cookies then go to sleep on time so Santa Clause the Jolly good nick can come in and give you presents the next day. On Christmas day millions of kids wake up in excitement heading for the Christmas tree to pick up there presents from Santa.

After Christmas has pass it is then time to celebrate the new year on the 31st of December , starting the next year. In celebration of the new year people often shoot of fireworks when it hits 12:00 while partying all night long. People will also commit to a new years resolution. A new year resolution is a promise to yourself to improve yourself wither its getting fit , stopping bad habits , or some other small improvements, this is your excuse to start those good habits.

Interview with Todd Pollard

By Josef

J- what got you into teaching?

P-so we’re going to the profession is that always wanted to teach students? I always been told I have the capacity for making young people understand things in a certain way having the ability to explain things multiple different ways so people understand arts have always been a passion of mine, so I figured why not combine my talents and be a art teacher

J-do you have a good relationship with your coworkers?

P-I do I love my fellow teachers so far I never meant nobody who hasn’t been willing to compromise or work with other people we all share some of the same challenges

J-what inspired you to become an art teacher?

P-originally I had gone to school to become a history teacher I thought that’s what I was going to do and throughout my time in college my professors and my academic advisors noticed that I was taking a lot of art classes for electives and they asked me if I liked art I said yeah I absolutely love it and they said why aren’t you considering minoring in art and I said OK, so I ended up with a bachelors in history with a minor in fine art and Harrison was hiring for an art teacher and not a history teacher and I thought man that would be so great if I could teach art, but didn’t have any teacher education or experience so I was asked if I would be interested in getting my license and I said absolutely so I underwent a alternative program while I was teaching my first two years, so I was essentially being certified as a teacher. Well, I was handling the experience at the same time.

J- tell me something interesting about yourself

P-I have 13 titanium plates in my face, one in my wrist to in my hip after falling 75 feet from a bridge after being involved in a car accident

J-wow what’s your zodiac sign?



P-yes I was born November 11 so there were some discussion recently about star shifting and things not being quite the same as they were so essentially what zodiac you would be born under would be your zodiac sign, so that was very confusing and I just chose to identify as a Scorpio. It makes things easier.

J-that’s valid. I also saw that and I was so confused so I didn’t know what was going on. How’s your mystery garage door motor

P-so the story of my mystery garage motor so most of my students in my fellow coworkers know that my wife and I close on a house in August and we had to finish closing our final walk-through and one day I was arriving at the house I was unloading some boxes and things for the move and I found this mysterious garage motor in my garage and I was very confused and I called the builder and asked like do you homes come with these or where did this come from because I had already gotten the keys to my house and to my knowledge no one was supposed to be in there except me, so I was very confused as to how this thing installed into my garage and turns out that it was a mistake it was put there by mistake. It was actually somebody else’s probably the neighbors and I was upset because I had already made a plan for the garage door, so not only was somebody in my house that I wasn’t aware of installing something but then somebody else was in my house without my knowledge removing the said garage door opener because the next time I came, it was gone so I made sure I went and got every single key that was ever produced to my house and I made sure those are now in my possession that and a ring, doorbell and security system that kind of stopped unauthorized people from entering

J-what are you interested in collecting sorts?

P-when I was a kid my mom had to take me to the Colorado renaissance festival and I liked it so much that I insisted on going every single year so medieval Europe and things like that always fascinated me so I’ve always read comics watch movies, and TV shows that had to do with that time. and I just think that there’s something really unique about how swords are made in different types the different functions, the different, cultural different designs I really admire and respect the craftsmanship that goes into the swords I started collecting to thousand three when I got out the Navy and now I think I’m at about 17 or 18 pieces they’re all boxed up in my basement because my wife does not want them on the walls

J-how do you think you and impact your students life

P-so impact for my students can be several different ways. I’m hoping that my students are impacted in their creativity, and I’m hoping that my students are impacted with a desire and passion in art like I have but realistically, I realize not all my students are going to be art or photographers, so I’m hoping that other skills 13 with in my art classes, such as cooperation, creative thinking, and they can take that out in the world

J-thank you for letting me interview you.

This the interview question I used 

Questions I liked,

I loved the answer he gave me when I asked how he thinks he impact his students lives he said “I’m hoping that other skills 13 with in my art classes, such as cooperation, creative thinking, and they can take that out in the world” I know for a fact he has impacted me in a lot of ways that will help me in the future. 

Alejandro Perez’s Legacy!

Before I had knew Alejandro Perez, I had heard that he was the talk of the town. People had spoken about his arrival this year for his senior come back to Harrison as he had been missed deeply by our coaches and players. People had spoken about how he was unable to play his first three games due to Chsaa rules on transferring, but failed to realize that this only game him time to prepare for unstoppable teamwork. Just because he didn’t appear on the field didn’t mean he wasn’t putting in the time and work to make their season worth it. He stated that they would have practices almost everyday all the way from “Monday to Saturday, and Saturday practices were in the morning to noon.” Perez had mentioned that, “The first three games of the season were not that good, but when I returned our season turned around and we started playing way better, winning all of our League games.” With Perez joining the hunt, this led them into a 8-3 season reaching the playoffs for an unfortunate loss in the first round. With the season being over in almost a blink of an eye I asked Mr.Perez on how he felt about being a senior and not being able to experience playing with a highschool team ever again as this was the final Hoo-rah between him and his comrades. He responded with how the thought of it was scary as it was almost another noticeable part of growing up. But he finished with how he was grateful to be apart of the team for the last time and how nobody else would’ve been better to end the season off with than his home team. I had a word with Alejandro after the interview asking him why he didn’t want to join the Palmer football team since he didn’t know if he would come back or not. He gave me word that since he already left Harrison high school joining another team that wouldn’t have maintained the same memories he carried from freshman and sophomore year at Harrison. He said it would’ve been an ultimate slap in the face because he was already a traitor once. After the interview and the off camera talk I had been happy to speak some more with him as he was content and somewhat consider him a friend.

Interview with Daniel

We would like to introduce you to Bryan Daniel Horis, age 18, originally born in Colorado Spring CO on June 16th, 2004 While his parents originate from Mexico, Brian himself originates from present day Colorado Springs. He is currently the youngest of his two older brothers Angel and Jesus. His hobbies currently include working and playing video games. In his free time he works as a floor technician in Fort Carson Evens Army Community Hospital where he currently gets payed 18.33 an hour. Considering Christmas is around the corner, it also happens to be one of his favorite holidays. Amongst these also happens to be Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). He is currently attending Harrison High, and will have graduated by the 14th of December. As of graduation he is planning on working one full year before attending college (PPCC). As of now, he plans on working to later earn himself a spot as a future Psychologist.

By Hassan and Miguel

The Interview By Dezera Martinez

“Belief Meaning” – “an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.” “trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something.” – Safari

Lesly Quinonez, a Sophomore at Harrison High School, allowed me to ask and give questions about a topic that always comes to my mind. My goal of this interview was to get another persons perspective on their beliefs and have an open-mind about what they have to say.

Dezera/Interviewer- Today it is December 12, 2022 and I am here with Lesly Quinonez and I am here to interview her for my Yearbook Final.

Dezera- To start off Lesly how are you doing this evening?

Lesly- I am doing fine, just stressed about school.

Dezera- Oh yes, I think many people here at the school are stressed about the finals! But I wanted to ask you how are your beliefs with ghosts?

Lesly- Well I do believe in ghosts but it’s just too hard to understand how they can be messing with your mind. Like what I mean by that is some believe that ghosts flicker the light on and off or they just do things like that. Some have good or bad energy.

Dezera- Yes I understand where you are coming from, have you heard of Psychics?

Lesly- Yes, and no.

Dezera- Well Psychics can feel a dead person I believe and they can communicate with them as well. But I was just wondering your input on ghosts and if you believe in things like that. Thanks for tuning in.


Today i interviewed a straight A student here at Harrison high school and here is how is how it went…

E- Hi, who am I here with today?

L-Leslie Dominguez Mendoza

E-What grade are you in?

L-Eleventh grade

E-How old are you?

L- 16 years old 

E- Can I ask you a couple of questions?

L- Yea go ahead. 

E-First one is, how would you describe your 2022?

L-This year started off really strong. I got all of my work done, and I made sure to stay really energized by drinking lots of coffee. I started a ton of new habits. For example, sleeping for 8 hours and drinking enough water.

E-Alrighty, and on a scale from 1-10, how would you rate the year and why?

L- Id give this year a solid 7. This is because I wast able to do everything I wanted. I wasn’t able to travel to Mexico and I wasn’t able to visit my family members.But this year I did get a new kitten and I named her Salami. 

E-Alright and what do you think your favorite memory this year is and why? 

L-My favorite memory this year would have to be my birthday. This year I got a personalized ice cream cake and lots of money. I also went to my favorite restaurant. 

E- Alrighty and if you could change one thing from this year what would it be and why would you want to change it?

L-Id like to change the fact that we have limited busses and too many students and I hate having to fit 3 students to a seat, when theres barely any room for 2. 

E-What were you hoping for in the new year and if anything what will you be changing?

L- Im hoping to find a college that will best fit my views and my career choice as a nurse. I want to change how I veiw myself and others.

E-What do you think of the first semester that just ended?

L-This semester went really well for me and I ended up with really good grades and I wasn’t too stressed. Iff I ever ran into any problems, my teachers helped me out.

E- How would you describe grades and attendance?

L-My grades are above average and my attendance could use some work but hopefully i can fix this by next semester

E- and why do you think that you have those grades?

L- I work really hard for my grades and i make sure not to fool around and make sure to get all my work done. 

E- And who is your biggest inspiration? 

L- my biggest inspiration is my mom, she works non stop to be able to get us through life, and i hope i get to have the same motivation as she does.

E- perfect, and do you think this next semester will be better or worse?

L- I definitely feel next semester will be more challenging, but i kow i will be able to get through those challenges and end the semester strong.

E- and do you feel accomplished with how this semester ended? 

L- Yes, i say this semester ended very well. 

Made by Elysia and Kaidence DeBlasio