Last Day

This will be my last blog post. It is 5/18/22 today is technically my last day as a Senior for Harrison, (if I already made a post for May I take that back, and im using this one for May). I feel sad honestly, and scared I don’t know what is going to happen after graduation. And that scares me, I’m scared of the uncertainty of the future. But I am excited at the same time which is normal, it also sucks that I just now made friends that im not going to see again because they are all sophomore’s and a few freshmen, I do wish I could go back in time and choose In-Person rather than Online last year just for the social interaction. I have like 4 teachers, Mrs. Turner , Mr. Pollard , Ms. Landgren and Ms. Mohammad, im going to miss them so much because of their geniality and care they’ve shown me especially since I don’t talk that much. I know it’s not the end of the world It’s just a new start but I’m not yet ready to start it. I’m scared of the real world because I’ve already faced the real world and I know what it’s capable of. So Long and Goodnight

-Angela R-Vega-

The depressing story of being allergic

By LiLi Sharpe

The death of me

You know that sweet, creamy, milky candy everyone calls chocolate. Whelp I can’t eat that I’m actually allergic from it and also bananas. Imagine having cramps and there’s a box of chocolate in front of you but you cant eat it well that is exactly how I feel. And before you say I am Lactose intolerant, I am not its specifically the cocoa itself that makes me sick. But being allergic to chocolate isn’t entirely bad I have found a coping mechanism to stay away from chocolate its called, “sweets and juice” i love anything like juice its the best.

When having an allergy you really must have a good eye to make sure you don’t eat it. for example I have a friend allergic to strawberries but she cant be around them or smell them or her throat will close up. Allergies can sometimes be deadly but not all the time like my mom and avocados. Basically this article was mainly about watching out for your allergies and be careful what you eat. Also this was made to be comedic and serious so enjoy your guys day/ night and we’ll read next time.


There is regular Olympics and Paralympics. There are both summer games, and winter games. The Olympic Games are international sports festival held every four years. The ultimate goal is to cultivate human beings, through sport and contribute to world peace. There is regular Olympics and Paralympics. The Olympics started in Olympia. The Paralympics games are a multisport event for athletes with physical mental and sensorial disabilities this included mobility, disabilities, amputees, visual disabilities and those with cerebral palsy. The Paralympics began and started in 1960 in Rome.

Summer Olympic games are held during the summer. In 2024 summer Olympics will begin on Friday July, 26 and end on Sunday August, 11. There is a range of different variety of event/games that are held. Here are some events. Archery, Artistic swimming, Badminton, Basketball, Beach volleyball, Diving, Golf, Road cycling, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Water polo and many more. The next winter Olympics will be held in 2026 they will begin on Friday, February 6 and end on Sunday February 22. There are less winter Olympic events than summer Olympics and here are some of the events. Alpine skiing, Bobsleigh, Curling, Figure skating, Ice hockey, Luge, Ski jumping, Snowboarding, Speed skating and many more. If you like watching the Olympics and Olympics in general then maybe take a look at the Olympic museum as well.

pre* Prom

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Harrison high school 2022 prom is coming up this Friday! The theme we are having this year is going to be a mascaraed theme. All of our Harrison panthers juniors and seniors are going to show our school how it prom is and the support of each other while having the best night of their lives. There will be music and dancing and student bonding. This is a place where all the students have some bonding time and all come together and get along. When we think of prom we think of music and dancing but there is SOO much more too it! We look back to see the memories we create that night and the stories we tell as we get older in years. Prom is not just dancing! Its not just music! Its memories! Before prom females go to each others houses to get ready and glammed up! Men find their best tux to impress their dates! Prom is a lifetime opportunity in which everyone should experience at one point in their life.

Upperclassmen use prom to get away from responsibilities for a few hours. When we look at prom we dress to impress. I spoke with a few upperclassmen at prom to see what they did before hand. Some responded with shopping others responded with getting ready like their hair, makeup, and toes. Pre prom is the opportunity to get best dressed of the year, which is why masquerade is such a fun theme. Imagine being the people to decorate and make prom magical for everyone where they look into the likes of the students so they have the perfect night. What’s not to appreciate!

Room 602

As most people know the teacher in room 602, Mr. Hart will be leaving Harrison next year. I was one of his first students last year. It was his first year here at Harrison and I’m beyond grateful for whoever made my schedule and put me in his class. He was a first year Harrison teacher during a pandemic and he did a great job on adjusting. Due to unfortunate circumstances he will not be here next year though and I when I heard this today I will admit I did cry. He is the one and only teacher that I’ve made the effort to go and see throughout this year even though I do not even take a science class. He lets me make fun of him and going and sitting in his class always made me feel better. During my sophomore year he was always the class I made sure to go, I always made sure to do my work in his class and try my best. When you have a good teacher by your side who cares, who tries to have more of a connection to their students other than teaching them it means a lot. I am very sad to hear that he is leaving but I am very thankful for even getting the chance to have him as my teacher.

Mr. Hart you will be missed dearly and I cant wait to see you for my graduation. Thank you for being such a awesome teacher you nerd 🙂

Is home a person or a place?

Home- The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

Home. When you think of the word “home” many think of a physical place whether or not its an apartment or a two story house. Home is rather a feeling than a place. Its about the feeling; the warm, safe feeling. When you feel comfortable where you can sit back and relax. Take a load off from the day. A person, activity, tv show, food can give this feeling not only the four walls you identify as home. That one meal that takes you back to your childhood, when nothing mattered besides being home before the street lights come on. The feeling of “home” can be felt from a multiple things.

My favorite “home” is my girlfriend. From the short time I have had her in my life, I always feel at home with her. From the day I met her, I felt like I knew her. If anyone knows me knows, I am a natural shy, introverted, quiet person when you first met me but after a while of being around you I warm up. But with her, I felt like I didn’t have to be shy or quiet cause there was no judgement. We clicked off our first conversation and been stuck ever since. As we get closer to each other that “home” feeling I was mentioning about grows stronger.

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I don’t know about you but I start my day with a cup of coffee. I feel like I cant start my day without a cup of coffee in the Morning I be either to tired or just not enough energy in the morning especially a school day. coffee had many health benefits Coffee contains caffeine a central nervous system stimulant that is known for its ability to fight fatigue and increase energy levels, may be linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes In fact, one review of 30 studies found that each cup of coffee people consumed per day was linked to a 6% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Additionally, several studies have demonstrated that moderate coffee consumption could be associated with a lower risk of dementia and cognitive decline, Some studies have found that drinking coffee could be associated with a lower risk of depression . According to one review of seven studies, each cup of coffee people consumed per day was linked to an 8% lower risk of depression. Today I have someone who drinks coffee daily she drinks twice daily. Question 1 does coffee give you the runs? “it doesn’t i feel fine but makes my stomach sometimes cramp and have bubbles” Question 2 why do you drink coffee? “it makes me in a better mood and gives me motivation a motivation drink” question 3 do you see any changes with your health when drinking coffee everyday? ” it makes me not eat and tired”

I choose me

Choosing you and putting you first is very hard. Especially when it comes to your parents. I try to be a very understanding person. Everyone goes through certain situations as a kid and through the adolescences of their life. With the society we live in we don’t always talk about how much what we go through as kids could affect how the rest of our life goes. If we are never taught how to control our emotions or we go through trauma with no one close to help us heal from from trauma as we grow into adults and have kids ourselves we dont know how to do certain things because as a kid we never received that type of love.

For example you see a lot of parents who went through mind games as kids by their parents not knowing they are being manipulated by a parent or even back in the day how it was a known thing that parents would get beat as a punishment. These are all unhealthy ways of parenting that needs to change because the trauma that is being received can be passed down to those kid’s kids and on and on. This causes the relationships we have with our parents to be toxic sometimes. When we have toxic relationships with our parents it can affect how we love someone, relationships with friends, how we view certain things in life and etc.

My father is very toxic and very mentally abusive. I’ve come to realize that he loves me but he loves me the best way he knows how to. He grew up in a very very toxic household and I know that, it has affected how he parents me and my siblings and it affects his relationships with people. I’ve learned that I can’t be around that, the toxicity is not good. There were points in my life where I realized how much my being around that was affecting my mental state, I didn’t want to be around and I just love my dad so much and I fought so much, gave him all my energy, let him have all my power where I lost my self. I will always love my dad, I love him from a distance though, and all though I know it hurts him, I think he has come to realize that he has hurt me so much that I can’t take it myself. I choose myself, I choose to love myself and I choose to love him for who he is because I’ve tried so hard to change him. In life you learn that you can’t change your parents, and our parents are perfect at all so we have to love the for who they are.

Its unfortunate how I’ve had to learn those lessons in my life and at such a young age. I’ve has to grow up faster that most and sometimes it makes me sad cause I felt that in some ways my childhood was taken from me but you have to remember that you go through things in your life for reasons. You learn lessons from what you are out through in your life and it always makes you a stronger person.

Just remember always choose yourself. Love yourself.

~Prom Night~

Prom night is just around the corner and many people are getting ready for that night. I personally am not going to prom this year because I only plan to go my Senior year. I was asked by many if I was going but said no because prom on my junior year doesn’t seem fun or special, going senior year makes prom way more special. I plan to wear a long dress, either blue, green, red, or black and have it cover my arms. I plan to hunt for my dress down until I find it.

I plan to take as many pictures as I can to never forget the day unless something happened then I plan to delete every photo taken because remembering a bad night is something I don’t want to waste energy on. Especially when I am soon going to graduate and it would be something of the past. Though prom is a special event so that people can make memories with there loved one or friends! Many of my classmates are going to have fun, take pictures and celebrate that school is almost over and want to make the best of it!


Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen and it exists in gaseous, liquid, and solid states. Water is one of the most plentiful and essential compounds occurring as a liquid on Earths surface under normal conditions which make it invaluable for human uses and plant and animal habitat. It is very important to drink water. Drinking water can prevent dehydration. Getting enough water everyday is important for your health. Drinking water can prevent dehydration a condition that can cause unclear thinking result in mood change, cause your body to overheat, and can lead to many problems in the human body.

Water helps keep your body at a normal temperature. Drinking water also improves blood oxygen circulation. The U.S. National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men. About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women. Another benefit of drinking water is carrying nutrients and oxygen to your cells. Although there are many people who don’t drink water or don’t drink enough, drinking water is important for the human body, drink more water!!!!!