December is the final month of the year in the winter season when it snows. This time off year is when Christmas and new years takes place. December also represents rebirth and new begins for all.

The first half of December is Christmas. Christmas is seen as the most anticipated holiday of the year for most. For the lead up to Christmas people will put up Christmas trees with light and set up there houses with bright and pretty decoration. Then others will have big Christmas feast and part take in certain Christmas. An example of Christmas food would be something like candy canes, hot chocolate, sugar cookies, gingerbread house, and other foods of that nature. eventually it will be Christmas eve , the day before Christmas. On Christmas eve it is tradition to leave milk and cookies then go to sleep on time so Santa Clause the Jolly good nick can come in and give you presents the next day. On Christmas day millions of kids wake up in excitement heading for the Christmas tree to pick up there presents from Santa.

After Christmas has pass it is then time to celebrate the new year on the 31st of December , starting the next year. In celebration of the new year people often shoot of fireworks when it hits 12:00 while partying all night long. People will also commit to a new years resolution. A new year resolution is a promise to yourself to improve yourself wither its getting fit , stopping bad habits , or some other small improvements, this is your excuse to start those good habits.


Art in a New Form

Makeup is an artform. Although some people do light makeup day to day; there are makeup artists and influencers that think out of the box and create looks you could never imagine!

Many makeup artists and influencers received the love and support for their art form thanks to 15 second videos on Tik Tok. With the “Tik Tok audience” a lot of the more out of the box and creative ideas within the makeup world get the most attention. For example, @meredithduxbury on Tik Tok who is known for smearing “too much foundation” on her face and making a beautiful glamorous look with it.


Makeup artists like Meredith have influenced younger girls and boys to think out of the box and truly express themselves through their makeup. Many young girls that have found a love for the artistic side of makeup have even gotten to the point where they are being paid for product reviews and using certain brands in their videos.

The MUA (makeup artist) community has welcomed many young minds to express their creativity and given them opportunities to make a living out of something that they love to do.


Tribal Ceremonies

In every part of the world, there exists a variety of cultures and within those cultures, they carry many different tribes. Every tribe is different and each carry unique ceremonies only known to them.

Photo by Nishant Aneja on Pexels.com

The most commonly known tribes are the native American tribes. Native Americans celebrated ceremonies such as the Death ceremonies, Green corn Festivals, healing rituals, Powwows and many more. Every ceremony has a different symbolic meaning, some symbolize healing, others death, and some are meant to honor others.

Indigenous ceremonies seek to strengthen a person’s connection to the physical and spirit world, to provide clarity, to offer gratitude and remembrance, and to mark the important stages of life. These ceremonies are a way of life and are practiced through generations.



Photo by S Migaj on Pexels.com

Breathe, Relax. You’re ok. I promise life isn’t out to harm you. It’s hard and challenging, waking up everyday, going through the motions of this busy world; unsure of how you will reach your goals. Slow down, look around. You see the world around you, remember you will get to where you are going in due time. No need to rush nothing. What you’ve earned in this world from all your hard work is coming into fruition. Just believe in yourself, smile and breathe.

Stressing over minor inconveniences won’t do nothing but stop you in your tracks. Stay focus but breathe. A small set back can only bring a bigger come back. Breathe through it all. All your dreams will come true. Look at all your hard work, trying to make your dream into reality. You are almost there. Take a step back. It’s coming. It’s ok not to be ok but it’s not ok to give up.

~Love, Zaria ❤


Going to State

Tiana Hayes

After placing second for the 3A Marching Band Regionals, the Harrison Panthers Marching band is heading to State. On October 19, the marching band made their way over to Liberty High School, were regionals was being held. There, they performed at 4pm for the 3A class. Winning 2nd in their class for this Regional performance, they are heading to state 5th in a whole.

Now they are preparing to take it all home at the State Championship this October 31st. Sacrificing their Halloween, they will be traveling all the way up to Grand Junction to perform in the Semi Finals and Finals competition. With spirits high, they plan to work hard this week and to put on a good show. Wish our Marching Panthers good luck as they take the field and hopefully, as they take home gold.

The Distracted World We Live In

By: Tiana Hayes

The world is full of Distractions. There is no way around it. But it does help to know why it happens and ways we can help ourselves when we do get distracted. First thing first is knowing that it is not a problem that you are getting distracted. There are so many things that can drive us to being distracted that we have no control over. Here are some things that may cause of to get distracted.


Working can be very tiring, especially if you are already tired before you start. Somethings might make you physically tried while others mentally tried. Either way, when you get tired, it becomes harder to work and then we don’t do as good of a job or we decided to not work on it at all.

Resting is the best way to get over tiredness. This resting includes like stretching, taking a nap, maybe going on a walk. Something to clear your mind. Doing these like going on to YouTube or TikTok will not be of much help because they will trier your eyes and might even make you more tried then when you started. Not only that but it gets your mind thinking about anything which might also not help you rest. So if you are tried and it’s distracting you, here are some things to help.


Lots of people will stop what they are doing when they are uncertain. Not knowing what to do can be scary and people will sometimes freeze or panic. They will do other things to distract themselves from what they don’t know how to do. Something you can remember to help with that is to try just focusing on what you can control and do, not on the things you don’t know about.

Somethings that may help with uncertainty is writing things that are on your mind. If you write down the stuff that you are thinking, it can clear your head. You could also write down all the questions that you may have about what you are doing. This way you can figure out what you already know and figure out the things that you need know. This can clear your head and let you see things more clearly while giving you a break.


There are many reasons as to why you may be stressed. The question is what you do when you get stressed. Most people can’t work when they are stressed, and they try to distract themselves by doing other things. Trying to do anything to relive the stress that does not include what you are supposed to be working on.

Somethings you could do with being stressed is taking a step back and breathing. This can help clear your mind and calm you down if you start to get panicky. Anything you could do is anything but the task you were doing. Get a change in scenery, try to get a different thing done. Just try and stay productive. Doing anything is better than doing nothing. This way you don’t feel discouraged to continue when you are out of energy or mind power.


Boredom will happen. It often comes with starting new task, doing assignments, trying to complete goals, doing work. Most of the time these things are just not very fun and because of this we get bored and reach for what we think would be more interesting. This can include things like our phones, something around the room, even our own minds. But at the end of the day, we will feel better about ourselves if we do finish our task.

You are going to be bored in the beginning of anything new. It will happen. Something you could do to help is by taking away anything that might be a little too entertaining. Because when this boredom hits, we will reach for those entertaining things.

These are all things that may contribute to you getting distracted along with many more that weren’t mentioned. And remember, it’s ok to get distracted, it happens, the best thing you could do is figure out why and try to help yourself through it. I an example of this is myself. I had a month to post this blog post and it has taken me 31 days. All because I would keep getting distracted. And now that it is finished, I am feeling very good about it.

Here is the link for more information on what was said.



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Cats are domesticated species of carnivorous mammals. They are in the family Felidae and commonly referred to as house cats. They are commonly kept as house pets, but they can also be farm or feral cats; Feral cats range freely and avoid human contact. Domestic cats are valued by humans for companionship and their ability to kill rodents.

Outdoor cats are active both day and night, mostly night. Domestic cats spend most of the times in the vicinity of their homes, they establish territories that vary in size. Cats conserve energy by sleeping more than most animals, especially as they grow older. Their duration of sleep usually varies between 12 and 16 hours, with 13 and 14 being the average. The average lifespan of cats has risen during the decades. In the 1980s it was about seven years, then in 1955 it rose to 9.4 years. Some cats have survived up to their 30s.

Working at the zoo by: Josef

The zoo is a very interesting place to work at, this job come with goods and bad. Some of the things that I love about working at the zoo is, the people that I work with and are surrounded with. They all have a great jobs and come tell me how the animals are doing, I love talking to the CEO of the company I love how he cares for all his employees and shows it. I love all the little secret drama that we have working at the zoo. I also get free food to feed the animals there and spend time with them along with being able to bring as many friends and family with me to visit the zoo. Having the job also includes a free zoo membership. Chewy the tiger is one of my favorites and he snarls at people if he likes you, he is so fun and loves attention from all the people. Chewy one time ate a little boys hat and also a peacock that flew in his cage and they could not find the peacock for a couple of hours due to the tiger laying on the body playing with it.

The job is not always so fun though and here are some reasons why, the people who come to the zoo are very entitled and have attitude majority of the time. The people lack on watching/ taking care of their children often resulting in them running around where they aren’t supposed to be and getting lost. This causes the parents to get mad at the workers. The peacocks made me mad, they are not actually our peacocks we pay someone else to keep them there and we have to still clean up after all of them. Also when I am working at the coffee shop I have to make so many peoples orders and when its not our right away they get mad, they also get mad when they order something from Starbucks and we do not have it.

-Josef Cotto-Banke

New Year, New me

The first month of 2023, is the time to start your new year off correctly. Whether it’s getting a gym membership, writing new goals, or starting over and moving. No matter how you may have started your new year off to become a better version of yourself, I suggest trying something a bit unconventional this year.

Articles about spirituality suggests to instead of trying to implement new goals and aspirations for your life are more likely to grow into good habits when done in the spring. The spring is the season of new beginnings, a sign of a new start. The time of the year when flowers are planted and cared for and sprouts into something beautiful. Following the same concept of flowers, writing goals in the summer ( planting the seeds), taking steps to working for this goal ( watering the soil), the accomplishment of these goals ( sprouting of flowers). So in this new year, be patient and wait till summer to begin working towards that new goal and see what comes of this new way to set new goals.

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

Catering here at Harrison high school.

Here at Harrison high school we have many interesting electives that you can partake in. Catering is one of the most applied to electives and also an elective I am currently enrolled in-order to get into catering you first have to take a semester of intro to culinary followed by a semester of intro to sanitation. You then have to pass the professionalism test. In the actual class we first study and learn about what we will be cooking then after we put together either a recipe we make or one given to us and out together a grocery list, then we cook.

So far we have learned many different recipes and have tried many new foods. Some of my favorite dishes that we have made this year would have to be, Our soup lab which me and my group made a cheesy potato soup, when my group made Italian meatballs, and my last favorite is, chicken Parmesan. We also get really cool experience not only learning a real life skill but we also get guest speakers such as chefs where we can watch them cook and try there food to help inspire us more.

Have you read a book lately?

Now of days people don’t like reading or is getting to involved with social media, I know some people read on there phones but that is not the same. I think everyone should read more because it improves your focus on memory, empathy, and communication skills. It can also reduce stress, improve your mental health, and help you live longer. Reading allows you to learn new things to help you succeed in your work and relationships. Although I don’t believe it but reading can improve your memory and lots of us cant remember small things. If your really stressed out or want to improve your mental health reading can even relax your body by lowering your heart rate and easing the tension in your muscles. While reading the left frontal lobe of your brain activates to understand letters and words. The anterior temporal lobe then analyzes the flow of words and their tense. Lastly, the limbic system activates emotions for you to accept and retain information. There is a dark side of reading if you read to much you wont be able to store massive amounts of information in your brain all at once. You guys might all reading is stupid and waste of time but just try it out if you stressed or moody, I know teens go to other things when there irritated or stressed but reading might be really helpful if you just try it ,And you don’t have to read everyday it can be twice a week.


When Ruby Left -Alondra

Where can I start? I never thought I was going to have a new friend. I got put in this Yearbook class and I didn’t know anyone. Then, one day I decided to help out in picture day. I meet Ruby there and we started taking and our friendship began. Then we would do group work and we got closer and would do most of our work together. We would go around to classes and pass out things about Yearbook. She would help me understand so many things even though they were not hard. She would encourage me to get my work done and get my grades up. We would mess around sometimes, but we would always make sure to encourage each other to get work done and our grades up.

But she had a goal to graduate early and she achieved her goal. Even though this goal was stressful, she worked hard and managed to do it. But here comes the sad part…

She left me all alone. Now I’m just in the corner getting all my work done. Having to walk around passing things out alone. Keeping myself on track to get all my work done and have good grades. But when I think of Ruby, it keeps me going. I’m happy for her and thankful we met.

The most followed athletes on Instagram

Getting to a place where you can say that you make millions just by playing your favorite sport is not easy, there is a lot of risks to take, difficult decisions, different paths, and a lot of hard work. The one’s that do make it have to work even harder to not be considered a failure. These are the most followed athletes on Instagram.

Photo by Fabricio Trujillo on Pexels.com

At number 10 we have famous soccer player Marcelo, Marcelo won 5 champions leagues with his club Real Madrid and had many more accomplishments, He comes in at 61.3 million followers. At number 9 we have star Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho accomplished pretty much everything, won a Ballon d’or won a world cup and many more things, he comes in at 71.2 million followers. Number 8 goes to Kylian Mbappe, French young player, won the world cup at 19 but just recently lost in the final in a heartbreaker, he comes in at 95.8 million followers. Number 7 goes to another soccer star David Beckham, the English man was also really successful, He has 97.5 million followers. Number 6 goes to Lebron James, the basketball star accomplished many things, to winning multiple championships to even doing it with different teams, Lebron has 142 million followers. Number 5 goes to Neymar Jr, Neymar is also really successful, from winning a champions league with Barcelona, to even winning the Olympics with Brazil and many more, the Brazilian has 202 million followers. Number 4 goes to cricket star Virat Kohli, he holds the record for most scoring runs and won many man of the tournament, he comes in at 233 million followers. The number 3 spot goes to Dwayne Johnson, the rock is super successful, from acting in many different movies to being an inspiration for many, he has 359 million followers. Number 2 goes to the Goat Lionel Messi, the man completed soccer, won 4 champions league, 7 ballon d’ors, 6 golden boots, 1 copa america and now recently 1 world cup. I could go on to name way more trophies and accomplishments but it would take forever, Messi comes in at 423 million followers. Number 1 goes to another Goat, Cristiano Ronaldo, this man almost completed soccer, 5 ballon d’ors, 4 golden boots, 5 champions league, 1 euros with Portugal and many more, not only is this man the most followed athlete but he is also the most followed person on Instagram with an amazing 538 million followers.

New year resolution’s

2023 is upon us and people want to have a good year, this could vary from meeting goals you created for 2023, or retrying goals that failed. Some goals you can try are traveling somewhere, get healthier, go to the gym, or maybe even bond more with your family. Doing these is not easy, go step by step, be patient, but also take action and get to work.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

People usually create new year resolutions to have that good feeling at the end when you do complete them. Go for a passion, read a book, get rid of all the negativity from your life. Become a positive person, do acts of kindness, start making more money. and just overall chase your dreams. Good luck this year.

why we shouldn’t have e bathroom passes in high school

Why are our schools becoming so controlling and obsessive with watching us. First I feel that if we are old enough to be inn high school that you know when you have to use the bathroom and you know how your bladder works. Another thing is now that they are timing us it can make us feel pressured and what if we don’t feel good and we run out of time or what if something happened that you didn’t think would happen life if a girl started her period and they give us a timer it just doesn’t feel right that schools are getting so controlling without even ask nab us students how we feel about it.

Another reason we shouldn’t have these passes is because what if the wifi goes out would they still let us go. Having this app just makes kids go on their phone more it angers the kids they just make us feel like they arnt getting us as prepared for High school they treat us like were little kids still and it just feels disrespectful and makes us kids just feel watched. a website you can read into is https://www.today.com/today/amp/tdna150088