Harrison High School’s Boys basketball Team

By LiLi Sharpe

Brianna Davis
senior and basketball manager

Good morning readers hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Earlier last week on Wednesday January 12th, I attended the boys basketball team against Palmer High School. Watching these guys play expressed determination throughout each team because of their love for the game. I got the chance to talk to the teams manager Brianna Davis before the game about her feelings and thoughts on the team. Ms. Davis took time out of her day to answer some questions about her team. When asked what made her want to manage, she responded, ” I like being apart of the team and it’s great seeing behind the scenes of the game.” showing her admiration for the team, I asked how she motivates her team she then replies, ” By hyping them up before a game and being their positive energy during their games and also making sure they have everything they need.” Ms. Davis showed a lot of love to these boys and also encouragement through their basketball experience. As she expressed her feelings for her team, I asked how long she had managed for; she replied, ” I’ve managed basketball for three years.” Brianna’s dedication to the team and being one of their biggest supporters continues to show throughout all three games as she cheers the team on.

Dayne Solano
c team basketball player

Despite losing one battle, C team pushes to the next to win a war with much support from the other teams. C team gave in their all for their game against Palmer while having fun playing. C team players definitely act like a family checking in on everyone before their games. After the game I pulled one of the players to the side for an interview, this player being Dayne Solano. This player took time out of his day to answer a few questions. We sat down together and my first question was who inspired him most on the team, so Mr. Solano replied, “On JV Samson inspires me because of his communication and the motivation he carries. Kenny also inspires me to work harder and Don keeps his positive energy.” Samson , Kenny Jones, and Donovan Sterling inspire Mr. Solano in all different ways. When coming to his second question, I asked, what advice has someone given him on the team that he’ll always remember. Mr. Solano then replied, ” my coaches always gave advice to be urgent because urgency gets you places.” Using this advice kept him going and his coaches definitely wanted the best for the team. Before the second game started I asked Mr. Solano one last question being who influenced his play style, he went on to reply, “My cousin inspires my play style he went to widefield and graduated.” Dayne continues to push to be his best with every coming game because of the people around him. Everyone on C team continues to push to be their best with every passing day, even when they win or lose.

Martin Alvarado
C team And JV basketball player sophomore

As one battle passes another comes with a devastating lost; these boys on JV (Junior Varsity) still continue to support and strive as a team. Despite the JV losing their battle, they kept their heads held high, so I pulled Martin Alvarado to the side for a couple questions. I proceeded with my first question in asking him what made him join basketball; he proceeded to explain and say, “the community” so taking in to express his feelings.  As we get to our second question I ask who inspired him most on his team and like Dayne Solano he replied, ” Kenny Jones” Mr. Jones seems to have an impact on his team-mates and gives a fresh healthy environment for the team. Mr. Alvarado seems determined, when watching him play he was quick and fast in critical situations. With this knowledge on his playing skills, I asked how he felt he played; he then responded, ” I feel I played good, more turnovers than I wanted but overall good!” Noticing he played both C-team and JV, he was able to stay on his feet. JV has a determined set of boys who wish to play to their full potential and strive as a family.

Donovan sterling
varsity basketball player

Down three players but still putting up a fantastic fight, our boys varsity team held their heads high as they were defeated by Palmer with no hard feelings. Having three players missing and only losing by two points, the boys still held love for their game. After the game, I pulled Donovan Sterling to the side to ask a few questions. Our starter question for Mr. Sterling was “what does basketball mean to you?” Mr. Sterling than smiled and replied “basketball is my love.” Mr. Sterling has played in all his games with determination and drive. Moving towards his second question being who is his biggest supporter on and off the team, he proceeded to reply, ” My parents and family.” While talking with Mr. Sterling he seemed appreciative of the people around him, especially while he played basketball. And as Donovan Sterling is a senior, I asked what his advice for the kids trying out next year was, and Mr. Sterling said, “To Try your best and don’t give up.” Varsity’s next game was Saturday January 15th with a win against Pueblo East leading 51-42. These boys strive to be at their best, and even with one lost comes a win.

Kenny jones scoring second half
varsity player

No matter any outcome Harrison’s basketball team stands out to strive; speaking to these players and their manager was an honor. The glow in their smiles while talking about their teammates and love for their game is such an inspiration that students at Harrison High School should look towards. Each player holds their weight and does their best in every game and the outcome never changes their perspective. These players also mentioned people from their team such as Kenny Jones, who holds an inspiration to his teammates. So lets go Harrison, and keep fighting these battles to the best of our ability.


The Effects of Music~

Music in this generation is different than it is for our parents. Music has changed from not only the artist and what they put in there songs but the meaning behind the songs. I listen to a large variety of music from 80’s/90’s RNB to underground rappers to mainstream country.

” Music, once admitted to the soul becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.”

~Edward Bulwer-Lytton

I know personally music in this generation is used for an escape from all what we as a generation are going through. Artist such as Rod Wave who is a rap artist who makes songs about pain, heartbreak, having trust issues, finding love, etc. Rod Wave has been a major artist who has not only been able to get me out of hard dark places but also has made me feel like I’m not the only one who fells like this.

Photo by Stephen Niemeier on Pexels.com

Music is a new form for this generation to express ourselves. Music has become the main source of therapy for the generation as a whole. It’s difficult for kids these days to sit and talk to their parents about how they are feeling when parents dismiss their feelings. Many times before we have heard the line of “Oh, you are to young to be depressed”. It is already hard enough to go through depression but when you try to express yourself to your parents and they brush it hurts. But when you find a song or even an artist who speaks about your pain that you are experiencing it gives you a peace of mind. Even though you are still going through that hard and difficult time, you now don’t feel crazy and lonely while you go through it.

Now put your favorite song on, blast it and sing it loud. Enjoy the music and escape this crazy place called age world.

~Zaria Graham C’O 2023 ❤


A Chance To Speak Up

By: LiLi R. Sharpe

Hey Harrison’s staff and students, I’m writing today to bring awareness of personal problems/ health. As everyone should have realized by now everyone always has something problematic in their life it can be home, school, or even mental, physical, and emotional health. Nobody’s perfect and you should never down on someone because you have no right to. Everyone goes through something but as long as you can push yourself past it you can make it in the long run. Never let anyone hurt you in any way shape or form because you will always have someone behind you, so speak up and talk to somebody, anybody. As someone once told me “You can’t pour from an empty pot.” So, take a break for any reason you may have and pick yourself up and go at it once you’re ready. Never go to please other but for yourself, you will always have you at the end of the day. So, with that being said, go make that call, text, or letter and check up on those you care about. Have a good rest of your day or night readers.


Comes And Goes In Waves

By: Alexyss C. Leon-Guerrero

Hello my fellow readers! I hope that you all are doing well and are having a good school year so far. It’s crazy that this first semester is almost over. Time has really flown by so fast and I still can’t wrap my head around how fast the school year is going by.

This is most likely my last blog post due to myself getting ready to depart from this school and graduating in now 14 days.

I am excited but also sad to leave. It feels very weird honestly because I have been in school for the longest time and now I am finally almost done. I am excited to move on but I am also sad to leave my friends and teachers behind and finish my highschool experience.

Once I finish highschool soon I plan to start selling more of my artwork and focusing on chasing my dreams of being a famous artist and a teacher. I will come visit every once in a while to say hi to my fellow teachers and friends though while I am chasing my dreams.

For my fellow seniors out there keep pushing through. You guys are almost there and you are all working so hard. You all are doing great and I hope you all have a good rest for your time in highschool. Keep making memories and enjoying school life and just life in general. You got this guys. Keep chugging along. I hope you all enjoy graduation and moving on after highschool. Good job everyone.

To the juniors, sophomores, and freshman; keep pushing through. You guys have so much ahead of you in school. I encourage you guys to attend the dances (at least 1) and to keep hanging out with your friends. Keep pushing through and even though it gets hard sometimes keep pushing through. Also keep doing well in your classes so you don’t have to take a bunch of omi in your senior years. Keep making the most of highschool and push though it all. Good luck and have fun.

I would also like to write a quick shout out to my Avid 12 class. You all work so hard in that class and everyone always make everyone else feel welcomed. I always enjoy going to Avid and having it be like we are all family there. I like how close we have all gotten and I will miss you guys as well when I do leave soon. I hope you all keep chasing your dreams and pushing along in life. I wish you al the best.

I would like to shout out a few others as well.

Shout out to all the teachers I have had this year ( Mr. Pollard, Ms.Landgren, Ms.Turner, Ms.Woods/Ms.Caldwell, Mr. Stapleton, and Mr. Brown). You all are awesome and I have had you all for a while even before my senior year. You all are so positive and fun. I enjoy your classes and all the jokes you all have made. I enjoy being in your classes and having you all be my teachers this year. You all have been helpful in guiding me whenever I needed help and are great teachers to have.

I would also like to shout out Ms. Delisle. I have not had you this year but I had you for my other previous years in school. You are a great teacher as well and I enjoyed attending your class. It was very fun and I enjoyed how you would teach class and make it very interactive. You were also very positive and a great teacher to have had.

I would also like to shout out Ms. Mohammad. You are a fun teacher as well and I enjoy sitting in your class still. You ae very kind and a great teacher. Your very positive and I enjoy learning from you and talking with you as well. You always have a smile on you face and you always have interesting topics for us to talk about in class and have debates over.

Thank you everyone (teachers, friends, etc) who has been part of my highschool experience. Overall I had a good highschool experience even with all the ups and downs. Thank you all for being a part of that and allowing me to be a part of yours. You all have helped me push though this crazy highschool roller coaster and I will miss you all. I also promise to visit because a lot of you have been asking me to so I will uphold that promise.

I wish you all nothing but the best and I will miss you all when I do leave.

I hope you all have a good winter break this year as well. When I do leave I will be spending time with family and friends. I will also do chocolate calendars with my family which we do every year and helping my family decorate for the holidays. I also hope to go sledding or snowboarding if it snows this year. If not I’m just gonna find a big hill to ride my sled on and call it a day. lol.

Signing out,



Shark Meat OoOhAha

On TikTok there is this dude who does random facts about animals (the not so nice facts) there was this video about whales right? And they were dead, so when whales die, like all fish they float with their belly’s up and so my mind thought….”hey! I want to see one explode!” so I go look up “exploding whales” , because why not? And (yes I did see them explode) it was so weird and interesting because they can cover a good part of a street if they exploded, so then I look on the recommended tabs and I see “Shark meat” and I didn’t even know people ate sharks?? So this led me down a rabbit hole of meats, Shark Meat is EXTREMELY bad for humans, like if you eat it, you will die , because there is so much toxins in marine life (Mercury) and sharks have this specific toxin that causes, diarrhea, puking and all that good stuff and then you go into Cardiac Arrest and…die about 3-7 days after you eat shark meat you will most likely die which is so crazy because you’d think “well its meat???? it’s not good for us?”, Eating humans isn’t good morally and physically because of different blood types and rejection but isn’t that crazy that I chose to look this up just from whales exploding? Crazy how the mind works :O

José Guadalupe Posada


Draw, Color, Paint, Sold!

By: Alexyss C. Leon-Guerrero

Hello fellow readers and welcome to my page. I hope everyone is doing well and is having a great year so far. It is crazy to think that we are already in November and go on Thanksgiving break next week. I swear we all just started school like yesterday and now here we are.

I don’t know about you guys but I am ready to graduate next month and start life. School has been a roller coaster ride with a bunch of ups and downs.

Anyway, to help take my mind off of the stress of leaving next month I have been drawing and even selling my artwork. I am planning to start putting my art on clothing and start selling it. If you guys are interested I don’t charge much (depending on how big it is, colored or not, etc.) and you can email me about what you would like.

Some of my artwork pieces are below.

Doodle I did for fun
Artwork drew for Mr. Pollard
Commission for other friendo
Doodle for fun
Commission for friendo

All my artwork is free handed and I am currently working on putting my art on stickers so I can sell them in both sticker form and just on regular paper. I will eventually get up to putting and selling it on clothing.


For a portrait (head to shoulders): uncolored=$3 colored= $5

Half body (Head to hips): uncolored=$7 colored=$10

Full body (head to toe): uncolored= $12 colored=$15

Full body and background: uncolored=$16 colored= $25

Specific character: uncolored=$13 colored=$16

Painted CD: $7

If you are interested please email me at vocolitaisout@gmail.com

Hope you are all enjoying the school year and are having a good day 🙂


Light at the End of the Tunnel by David Perea

Not all journeys have their happy ending that we would all want. But mine is nothing like that, I guess my journey is hitting that tuning point. As you guys know, I have been struggling with a disease called nephrotic syndrome,  where something in your blood activates your immune system to attack your kidneys. Well when I got the news last week that completely changed my mind. My kidneys are starting to make the recovery that I crucially needed. We were starting to hit the last resorts as a medication. Now that I have seen results I intend to push stronger to make sure I take full advantage of that new opportunity the lord blessed me with last week on Wednesday. I have gone through so much in the past year and to get that relief that my kidneys got even better make your whole attitude towards the situation change. You start to realize there is always light at the end of the tunnel. When my father told me you woke up for a reason, I can see that I really did wake up for a reason. The reason was to push forward and continue to make that progress and make the doctors realize they were wrong. They said I wouldn’t get better, look at me now.

Places You Should Visit!!

Photo by NastyaSensei on Pexels.com

Paris, France

Photo by Flo Dahm on Pexels.com

So many land marks are in Paris like the Eiffel tower or the Notre Dame cathedral. This place is a beautiful place to visit and experience the romance of it. You could even learn a bit of French!

Bora Bora

Photo by Julius Silver on Pexels.com

Bora Bora is a beautiful island that would allow you to experience the nature of the world. Wonderful adventures in the water is really great. Maybe even a cruise ship ride!!

Tokyo, Japan

Photo by Alex Knight on Pexels.com

Tokyo Japan is a beautiful city with many food and people that are wonderful. The culture is beautiful and you can learn so many new things. All the neon lights is an amazing sight to see.


Do you ever say ‘oh I’ll just do it tomorrow’ and then when tomorrow comes you say it again and again until all of a sudden that due date is just a day away and you only barely stared your assignment? Have you ever said oh ill get started on it in 45 minutes and those 45 minutes come and go and the assignment has completely slipped your mind at that point. A lot of high schoolers tend to procrastinate for a number of reasons.

For me it was stress and just the overwhelming amount of work I had in every class it became easier to just ignore it then get it done, which was a really bad choice and I wish I would’ve learned sooner how important it is to just get my work done and not allow myself to fall behind to begin with. If I would’ve just got my work done a lot of my worries would have been solved.

Overall procrastination is the worst thing you could possibly do to yourself. You need to just sit down and get your work done rather than putting it off because putting it off never ends well.

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

Just say no

If you have thought about using drugs such as Xanax, cocaine, meth, heroin, or anything of these sorts I am about to tell you why you should not. 

When it comes to drug use especially extreme drugs, they have a long-lasting effect on the human brain. Drug use can cause holes in the brain that can cause irreparable damage to the memory and cause out of character responses/actions. As of 2019 studies show that around 35 million people (about twice the population of New York) in the world suffer with addiction and about 1 in 7 seek treatment for it. When seeing someone who clearly uses drugs, we tend to call them a ‘crackhead’ to reference their erratic strange behavior because their consistent drug use has fried their brain and made them crazy. About 4% of America would qualify as an addict while 10% has at least struggled with drug addiction/misuse at some point in their life.  

You should also stay away from drugs because when using them your brain starts telling you everything is okay even when it is not actually okay. Such as being in financial instability but still not caring because all they want is to ‘get their fix.’ Drug use makes common sense go out of the window, all responsibilities go out the window and their only focus becomes their drug of choice. So, trust me when I say that no matter how fun it seems, say no to drugs, do not allow temptation and peer pressure cause you to falter drugs are not worth it.  

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

We did it!!

Dear Seniors,  

That’s it were done!! We finished our last year of mandatory school. You better be proud of yourself! All of us have suffered through these last 4 years of high school and we did it! When covid hit we were all given a run for our money, covid was good for some of us and hard for the rest of us. When it comes to the aftereffects of covid a lot of us had a lot of stuff to fix starting this year such as making up credit we missed and relearning how to rededicate ourselves to getting our work done. I know for sure I truly struggled to stay motivated and to continue trying my best and made it by on the skin of my teeth. I hope this year was not as hard for everyone else as it was for me, but I know it was and everyone deserves to know that we worked hard for this, and we faced the struggle and continued to try and now we have made it. Weve made it through our first year, covid and, finally our last year. I cannot imagine how everyone feels about this. I cannot wait to see all of you on the 26th as we walk across that stage and receive our diplomas. We worked hard for these diplomas, and we deserve them. I am so proud of every one of us for persevering and achieving what many of us felt at times we would not be able to do. 

We deserve this senior to be proud and I will see you on the 26th

Photo by olia danilevich on Pexels.com

Class of 2023

To Harrison’s graduating class of 2023, stay focused. If you do not fight senioritis, it will eat you alive no matter how hard it feels just remember how close you are to the finish line. Many of us seniors started to fall behind when we allowed senioritis to take over and started falling behind barely being able to scrap it together come May 18th do not make the same mistakes many of us did.  

OMI just get it done and save yourself the tears if you do not want to feel like the world is crumbling on you when that deadline for it comes up just ask any of us, it is not worth putting off. Focus on those OMI’s and just get them out of the way because classes are also extremely stressful come the end of the year and so you are going to want to be sure that you can give your full attention to class and not have to race to finish your OMI’s like some of us had to do.  

From the class of 2022 to you, we believe in you, you all are going to do great in your senior year if you try your best and never give up. Hard work and dedication always pay off in the end even when it feels like it is impossible you can do it if you believe you can do it. Do not be afraid to reach out for help or to even take a break for a day but you must keep trying, after your break get up the next day and give it your best shot. 

Photo by Joshua Mcknight on Pexels.com

Its okay

To any students feeling overwhelmed as this school year ends and deadlines are running at you, it is okay to take a breath. It is okay to take a 5-minute break just to breathe for a second and refocus. You are strong, and you got this. If you do not allow yourself to get too quit, you will be able to pull through this.  

Just make sure you are going to every class and doing your best to ask questions when you are confused or explain to the teacher when you are just feeling very overwhelmed. If you communicate what is going on the teachers will be able to help you to the best of their abilities. When you feel overwhelmed some effective ways to calm down are mediating, just resting your eyes for a second, or my personal favorite turning on some relaxing music. If none of these things work for you or they tend to get you distracted that is okay just means you need to try something different until you find something that helps you best, like trial and error. We are all here to support you along the way if you open that door.  

At the end of the day if you put your mind to it, you can do it, we know it is overwhelming and can be intense but just do your best to find what helps calm that and help you focus on the task that needs to be done rather than put off the task because it is too much.  

Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

Mental Health

It is currently May, for anybody that is not aware May is mental health awareness month. Mental health is something we do not talk about enough in schools. It is something we tend to brush over and do not offer enough help for. Most people do not even know how to reach out for help when it comes to their mental health and just suffer silently dealing with the pain that comes with just ‘dealing with it.’  

There needs to be a change in the way we address mental health in schools and towards people. When it comes to mental health there is a whole variety of things people endure such as depression, anxiety, ptsd, BPD, anorexia, bulimia, and many other things. Mental health matters because these are not simple little problems we can solve with the snap of our fingers. When it comes to handling these things, we need to be able to show understanding for the way their brain works and how to best meet their needs/ assist them. Whether that be medication, therapy, or other forms of help, they may need.  

Like many people I suffer with depression and anxiety and for a long time I did not think I could ask for help, I assumed I was just dramatic or was causing my own problems. When my brain was causing the problem, all I needed was to reach out for help.  

In all of this I have determined that if you or one of your friends is suffering with mental health issues do not be afraid to ask them what is wrong, do not be afraid to ask them if they need help or something else and even if you do not know that your friend is suffering still make sure to check on your friends and make sure they know you love and care for them. And if you are that person suffering, please do not be afraid to reach out to a teacher, family member, friend, or anybody willing to listen. You deserve to be happy; you deserve to be loved. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Clean drinking water

How much water are you using each day? When brushing your teeth in the morning do you leave the water running? How long do you leave your water running when doing the dishes? Have you ever wondered if there is a limit on how much water we have?  

Most people believe that because the earth is 71% water that we must have an endless supply of water. But that cannot be further from the truth, our planet is expected to run out of clen drinking water within the next 20 years. When it comes to water usage just America alone uses 1000’s of gallons of water every day. If we do not start working on preserving what is left of our drinking water, then we will have to make the switch to water that has been chemically altered to make it drinkable for us. 

When it comes to each individual household, we waste about 100 gallons (about half the volume of a large refrigerator) of water a day. Doing simple things that most of us do not even think about the long-term affect it will have, such as brushing your teeth, showering, doing laundry, or even simply washing your hands. All these things, even though they are minuscule, begin adding up when 1,000,000’s people are doing this on a daily basis. Our water is running out and we need to do something now.  

We need to plan on how to save our planet, and we need to do it quickly because without a plan we will run out of clean drinking water. For starters we could make sure to turn the water off while you brush your teeth because studies show that 35% of our planet leaves the water running while they brush their teeth which can take anywhere from 1-5 minutes. We could also save water by keeping ourselves aware of how much water we are using and trying to only turn the water on in necessary situations or only having it on for a purpose, not just letting it run. 

At the end of the day, we need a plan, and we need to start acting on it now. 

Photo by Ray Piedra on Pexels.com


I feel like the music you listen to expresses you. Like everyone has there own music, the music they like listening to. Everyone has there favorite artists. Its one way to express yourself. like the artist / music you like , someone else might not like it but some will. music is something that has been around for awhile. And there’s so many versions of it like country, rock, rap, jazz etc. There’s music for everyone. I also like its cool to see it be performed live. like at a concert. I haven’t experienced going to a concert but I want to. I feel like its something everyone should experience at least once in there life. Its also really cool when songs from the artist you know are featured in movies.

Music really has came a long way since apparently ” 35,000 ” years ago till now . like today we have a lot more new artist. not all of them are good but some are. But yet again some of them are passing way. I feel like music is a lot more serious now just due to the fact that people want to be the best, they wanna be better. And in cool to see artist grow in there music and grow as a individual themselves.


TikTok is the 6th most used social platform in the world. TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering short videos. There is many content on TikTok that is being shown such as, singing, dancing, cooking, comedy, etc. TikTok was originally Musical.ly. In 2018 a Chinese tech company, ByteDance changing it to TikTok. In the US it had came out in 2018. There is 1 Billion monthly active users worldwide. The US is the country that uses TikTok the most.

This platform is the most popular app among US teens and young adults. Gen Z is the most involved on TikTok, 18% of all internet users use TikTok. This app is an app for expressions of one-self. You can even get paid for making TikToks if you have a certain amount of like, followers, videos etc. You can make any type of video with any sounds, filter everything you could possibly think of. One thing I will say is it is really addicting watching all the videos you see on there.