Folklore refers to cultural expressions such as beliefs, customs, stories, legends, myths, songs, dances, festivals, food, and costumes through which groups share an identity, Folklores are passed through generations by word of mouth. Folklore encompasses the traditions common to that culture, subculture or group. They include material culture ranging from traditional building styles common toContinue reading “Folklore”

Interview with Daniel

We would like to introduce you to Bryan Daniel Horis, age 18, originally born in Colorado Spring CO on June 16th, 2004 While his parents originate from Mexico, Brian himself originates from present day Colorado Springs. He is currently the youngest of his two older brothers Angel and Jesus. His hobbies currently include working andContinue reading “Interview with Daniel”

Winter Activities

Winter, the coldest time of the year, also one of the most festive times of the year. Festivities include Christmas, New Years, and New Years Eve. Activities include skiing and snowboarding, dog sledding, sleigh rides, cross country skiing, snowbiling, ice fishing etc.. Snowboarding is an activity that requires descending a snow-covered surface while standing onContinue reading “Winter Activities”

Tribal Ceremonies

In every part of the world, there exists a variety of cultures and within those cultures, they carry many different tribes. Every tribe is different and each carry unique ceremonies only known to them. The most commonly known tribes are the native American tribes. Native Americans celebrated ceremonies such as the Death ceremonies, Green cornContinue reading “Tribal Ceremonies”