The most followed athletes on Instagram

Getting to a place where you can say that you make millions just by playing your favorite sport is not easy, there is a lot of risks to take, difficult decisions, different paths, and a lot of hard work. The one’s that do make it have to work even harder to not be considered aContinue reading “The most followed athletes on Instagram”

The Life of Elizabeth Scarborough

Elizabeth became a teacher in 2011 when she needed a job after her school and subbing career. She has had a beautiful career going forward, she has been wanting to motivate kids and make them better people which has been a success so far. Although she really likes her job, it can be really stressfulContinue reading “The Life of Elizabeth Scarborough”

The World Cup so far

The World Cup has been full of surprises, beautiful moments and beautiful games. In group A (Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador, Qatar) Netherlands topped the group with Senegal following in second. In group B (England, USA, Iran, Wales) England and USA passed. In a very tuff group C (Argentina, Poland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia) Argentina passed in firstContinue reading “The World Cup so far”