Interview with Todd Pollard

By Josef J- what got you into teaching? P-so we’re going to the profession is that always wanted to teach students? I always been told I have the capacity for making young people understand things in a certain way having the ability to explain things multiple different ways so people understand arts have always beenContinue reading “Interview with Todd Pollard”

How I feel about Christmas by Cynthia Olozagastes

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays just because of the snow. Can you believe it hasn’t snowed yet? While I’m not looking forward to the cold, I can’t wait to see my first snowflake. I think snow is top tier, it’s definitely the best thing about this time of year. I always get excitedContinue reading “How I feel about Christmas by Cynthia Olozagastes”

Elephants by Cynthia Olozagastes

My favorite animal is an elephant because my mother always liked elephants so I like them too. They’re also my favorite because elephants are always featured in the movies. Elephants can live up to 60 to 70 years and their scientific name is Loxodonta Africana. They grow up to be about 10 feet tall andContinue reading “Elephants by Cynthia Olozagastes”

Light at the End of the Tunnel by David Perea

Not all journeys have their happy ending that we would all want. But mine is nothing like that, I guess my journey is hitting that tuning point. As you guys know, I have been struggling with a disease called nephrotic syndrome,  where something in your blood activates your immune system to attack your kidneys. WellContinue reading “Light at the End of the Tunnel by David Perea”


David Perea-11th grade Favorite Quote: “CaChow” David owns a clean truck with snowflakes. David loves basketball and has played for Harrison. He owns 35 hats, all from lids. He also plays the saxophone. He contributes to Harrison sports by being starting shooting guard. He also help build one of the greatest things Harrison has toContinue reading “MORE HARRISON PANTHER SPOTLIGHTS!!!”

Final push to end the year! We Got This Panthers!

Hello Panther Nation welcome to the jungle with Principal Vargas.  As I sit at my computer with only an hour before our 2020/21 spring break begins.   I was hit hard with the fact that we have only 68 days left before graduation.  This year seemed like it was in a crawl, but then again, weContinue reading “Final push to end the year! We Got This Panthers!”

Valentine’s Day Everyday

By Principal Vargas Welcome to the jungle with Principal Vargas, Panther Nation!  This is the month of love and romance.   As we all know, February 14th is Valentine’s Day.   When I was your age, a long time ago, I thought Valentine’s Day was giving out classroom valentine cards, bringing a brown paper back to collectContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Everyday”