Harrison High School’s Boys basketball Team

By LiLi Sharpe Good morning readers hope everyone is having a fantastic day! Earlier last week on Wednesday January 12th, I attended the boys basketball team against Palmer High School. Watching these guys play expressed determination throughout each team because of their love for the game. I got the chance to talk to the teamsContinue reading “Harrison High School’s Boys basketball Team”

A Chance To Speak Up

By: LiLi R. Sharpe Hey Harrison’s staff and students, I’m writing today to bring awareness of personal problems/ health. As everyone should have realized by now everyone always has something problematic in their life it can be home, school, or even mental, physical, and emotional health. Nobody’s perfect and you should never down on someoneContinue reading “A Chance To Speak Up”

The day with Alexyss Leon-Guerrero

by LiLi Sharpe Harrison High school has a diverse set of students, mentally and physically, here today we interviewed Alexyss Leon-Guerrero. Alexyss has a long day at school, when asked about her day Alexyss quotes ” I have a long and busy day at school especially being a senior and graduating next month.” Alexyss putsContinue reading “The day with Alexyss Leon-Guerrero”