Catering here at Harrison high school.

Here at Harrison high school we have many interesting electives that you can partake in. Catering is one of the most applied to electives and also an elective I am currently enrolled in-order to get into catering you first have to take a semester of intro to culinary followed by a semester of intro toContinue reading “Catering here at Harrison high school.”

Saving Money on Christmas Presents

The month of December can be stressful for people who aren’t as fortunate to provide presents for their loved ones. Christmas Day is a day modernly known for people to exchange gifts. How can you save money while Christmas shopping? There are a few different ways that you can save money on Christmas, here areContinue reading “Saving Money on Christmas Presents”

Accomplishments of submitting a yearbook!

by Elysia Deblasio Making a yearbook was stressful but exciting. You really get to meet the people around you and see how the book is made. You learn who takes leadership and pride in what they do and the people who can care less. I was one of those leaders who worked on the sportsContinue reading “Accomplishments of submitting a yearbook!”