Great Destinations of Colorado

The Spire Building in Denver Colorado The Spire is a building containing hundreds of condominium homes in Denver, Colorado. Standing at 147.2 meters with 42 floors, Spire is one of the tallest buildings in Denver and was designed by architecture firm RNL Design. The building is at 14th Street and Champa Street in downtown Denver. Continue reading “Great Destinations of Colorado”

Importance of Investing At a Young Age

Investing has many benefits to your financial life. As you may know, the big talk of the money investing game is the stock market The stock market is a public trading place where you can sell and buy small pieces of the world biggest companies. Although the stock market is a great way to increaseContinue reading “Importance of Investing At a Young Age”

Best Movies To Watch Over Winter Break

Movies are a great way to spend fun valuable time with others or if you are just trying to spend some time alone. Here is the following list of movies in a multitude of genres. 1. Disney’s “Soul” “Soul” is a brand new Disney animated film. This family/comedy film story follows Joe Gardener’s adventure toContinue reading “Best Movies To Watch Over Winter Break”