New, popular songs to listen to right now!!

By: Bailee Melo 1/25/21 To start off the new year, many music artists have released new music and/or new albums! They have been streamed through many different platforms, like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora, TikTok, Instagram, etc… They get around, which helps pay the artist. Popular songs include: -Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo (#1 onContinue reading “New, popular songs to listen to right now!!”

Thanksgiving with the Melo’s

By: Bailee Melo 12/1/20 Thanksgiving break was very eventful at the Melo’s house. For example, on Thanksgiving we went non-traditional this Thanksgiving, meaning we had tacos and a nacho bar. It was really good, but we did have the traditional pies like pumpkin pie and pecan pie. But another dessert we had was a pecanContinue reading “Thanksgiving with the Melo’s”

Competitive Scholarships for Seniors

Bailee Melo 11/12/20 As we all submit our applications for school, we also think about the tuition for school. And we all know that college is nowhere near cheap, but having scholarships helps us when paying for college and they are so worth it… SO START APPLYING!!! Some scholarships that are offered here in ColoradoContinue reading “Competitive Scholarships for Seniors”

How you can help your community!!

By: Bailee Melo 11/1/20 There are many, many ways to indulge in making your community better. Whether that’s something really big or something really small. There are many ways for both, like starting a fundraiser for the school or your church or simpler things like picking up trash or cleaning up a building. One ideaContinue reading “How you can help your community!!”