Spotlighting Ms. Conrad

By: Bailee Melo 4/5/21 One staff member that deserves all the love from the Harrison community is Ms. Conrad (Anna Conrad). Ms. Conrad is the IB Coordinator, AVID Coordinator, the Varsity Volleyball Coach, Instructional Coach, and Junior Student Government Sponsor here at Harrison. She is the most selfless person you could ever meet! She alwaysContinue reading “Spotlighting Ms. Conrad”

Reminder: The Yearbook is still for sale!!

3/8/2021 By: Bailee Melo Hello and good evening/morning/afternoon/ or for whenever you are reading this post, just a small reminder that the yearbook is still for sale and we would really appreciate if you would purchase one! You can purchase on on and purchase yours for $50. BUT if you want $15 off yourContinue reading “Reminder: The Yearbook is still for sale!!”

The start of Season B’s ending!

By: Bailee Melo 2/21/21 Season B is ending very soon, that means Basketball (boys & girls), Wrestling, Swimming, and Cheer are coming to an end. -(unless they are in the playoffs and/or state) As you may know, or you might not, this year our league has slightly changed. So we play new people that countContinue reading “The start of Season B’s ending!”

New clubs/organizations you can join at Harrison!

By: Bailee Melo There are so many clubs/organizations at Harrison for you to join! Some are new and/or some are old that are might not known by everybody. Some old clubs/organization, and maybe athletic clubs are: -Volleyball (Talk to Ms. Conrad in room 309 for more information) -Football (Talk to Coach LeBoeuf or Mr. GravesContinue reading “New clubs/organizations you can join at Harrison!”

All the popular places right here in Colorado Springs

By: Bailee Melo 2/1/21 As many know, Colorado Springs is a very popular places for tourism. There are many popular spots like Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, The Incline, Manitou Springs, etc. But what you may not know is the smaller places that exist for you to visit. I mean they are popular, butContinue reading “All the popular places right here in Colorado Springs”