Why is education important?

Education is important in many ways and can get you successful and learn more things you need to know, it also can yield a better surrounding in which people can differentiate between right and wrong, know the importance of voting, adhere to laws, and reduce crimes. The purpose of education academic (intellectual), political and civicContinue reading “Why is education important?”

Have you read a book lately?

Now of days people don’t like reading or is getting to involved with social media, I know some people read on there phones but that is not the same. I think everyone should read more because it improves your focus on memory, empathy, and communication skills. It can also reduce stress, improve your mental health, andContinue reading “Have you read a book lately?”

The point of Christmas spirit

Its that time of the year where Christmas is coming around and new years some people don’t like Christmas because of their past experiences, some people love Christmas and get into the spirit every time it comes around. They like to decorate their entire house, buy gifts for everybody, put their Christmas tree up aroundContinue reading “The point of Christmas spirit”

why do we love thanksgiving

why do we love thanksgiving? Here are reasons why, Im not going to lie I know a few people that hate thanksgiving because most people that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving do so because it is viewed as a national day of mourning, These individuals consider Thanksgiving as a symbol of the conquest of Native American land. InContinue reading “why do we love thanksgiving”