Using Social Media to Its Full Potential: Making Friends as a New College Student

Beginning your college career may be both thrilling and intimidating. Finding your way around a large campus, fitting in among a sea of unfamiliar faces, and making friends might seem like a daunting undertaking to a new student. However, because of the constantly growing reach of social media platforms like group chats and Instagram, today’sContinue reading “Using Social Media to Its Full Potential: Making Friends as a New College Student”

The impact of coaching – Antonio Shedrick

Antonio Shedrick better known around Harrison as Coach Antonio, has been coaching at Harrison for only 9 seasons, coaching basketball and football. Antonio grew up in Raines, South Carolina. After asking him how his childhood was, he described it as ” wasn’t the normal.” Antonio was adopted at the age of 10 by a wonderfulContinue reading “The impact of coaching – Antonio Shedrick”

Breathe , reflect then respond.~ Zaria Graham

I’ve learned that many times when I am high in emotion, good of bad. I will instantly respond to whatever the topic of conversation may be. This doesn’t work. In many cases, this leads to miscommunication, and disagreements that could be simply avoided if I had taken a moment of time to breathe, gather myContinue reading “Breathe , reflect then respond.~ Zaria Graham”

The depressing story of being allergic

By LiLi Sharpe You know that sweet, creamy, milky candy everyone calls chocolate. Whelp I can’t eat that I’m actually allergic from it and also bananas. Imagine having cramps and there’s a box of chocolate in front of you but you cant eat it well that is exactly how I feel. And before you sayContinue reading “The depressing story of being allergic”