A lot of people travel after they are done with schooling and it is such a beautiful thing you can do when bored or have nothing to do. You can go on vacations or trips with family and friends. traveling can be used in many transportations like cars or planes and their are different experiments with different types of traveling and what can happen the view you get and the memories. Reason why I would travel is to get some fresh air and to see how different the world is and the different cultures you experient things your not use to from where you came from.

Another reason that think why I think traveling can be good it can get things off of your mind you can try and taste new foods and interesting things like monkey brains everywhere on this earth is different and it is so Cool and relaxing to try all those things or to see how other people work and how they learn and what they naturally eat and drink what is good expectations compared to how you do things. traveling is just such a good idea and I think everyone should do it onece we need to explore more cultures more often and stop racism.

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