Humble Yourself

I know this odd thing to say or blog about but some of you really need to humble yourself, By having a more down-to-earth view of yourself, you will be able to relate more to others. An arrogant self-centered person may see others as beneath them, not worth the time or effort. A humble person might see those same people not as those beneath them, but as those in need. I’m not saying that its bad to not humble yourself just don’t think you better than everyone else around you because your not and no one. If you wanna know what it means to stay humble to yourself it does not mean having a poor opinion of yourself, but rather accepting yourself and your many good qualities, as well as your limitations, recognizing that others also have good qualities and are equally valuable. If you wanna know how t be humble or ways to be humble I have some advice for you, Be ready to accept humiliation, Don’t worry about status, a sense of humor, Listen to others, Ask questions, Gain perspective, Seek feedback, Acknowledge your limitations and shortcomings, Elevate others, Practice gratitude. A humble person looks like or acts like is that they don’t flaunt their wealth, status, accomplishments, or anything else they may have. They are modest and often embarrassed by praise. Instead of being proud of themselves, a humble person will be happy for others who deserve the credit. If you haven’t heard humbleness leads to success why? because Humility is all about having a positive attitude and being open to others. It’s about recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and being willing to learn from others. When you’re humble, you’re more likely to succeed. You’ll be less likely to get arrogant and let your success go to your head. I hope you all got some wisdom or advice from this because I think this is a good topic to talk about I know I am a humble person and I wouldn’t wanna be around someone who thinks they are better than everyone and if you aren’t humble read the title of my blog have a good day!!!

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