End of the School Year Stress.

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

Everyone is always ready and exited for the school year to end. This means that we get summer break and no school work, which you think would be a great feeling. But what you don’t see is all of the stress that come with the end of the year. We all have around 8 classes and to each teacher that one assignment may not be much and only take one hour, but we have assignments in all 8 of our classes. And at the end of the year we have to do our final for all of our classes. When we are given finals they are normally twice the work they normally give us.

Having 8 different finals and only a limited amount of time to get all of them done can be very stressful. we don’t want to fail none of our classes but it is hard to balance all of them at the same time. Some classes take priority over others so we make time for those first, but what happens when we get behind? Assuming that you have A’s in all of your classes which is very unrealistic, if you don’t pass all your finals your grade should be fine but if you don’t, even if it doesn’t make you fail your GPA is heavily effected by it. What do you think would be a more efficient way to handle finals?

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