April Book Reviews

By: Tiana Hayes

School is almost over, isn’t that exciting. The summer is almost here. You want to know what’s not over yet, my never ending to be read book list. Infact, I bought two more books last month to add to my collection. And there is still too many to take to college, so I guess I better step up my game.

The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen, by Gena Showalter, is a story about a the fair Everly Morrow, who learns of her past and finds herself in the center of a well know fairytale. The one we know as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. After returning to her homeland and discovering her new powers, Everly searches for the others that are a part of her fairytale, in hopes to learn her faith that lies ahead. Along the way she finds love, reunites with a sister she didn’t know she had, and discovers the dark past of her ancestors, then same past that slowly threatens to consume her and her future.

This was a good book. I did enjoy it and I think I would love it more if I read it a second time. This book did take me a while to read and get into, almost a whole 3 months. It is the longest book I have read this year in both pages and time it took to read. I struggled for the first half of the book; it just didn’t click for me until towards the end. The beginning was a little confusing, yet again, this book as a different fairytale like world to it, and so it takes time to teach the reader of this world. The longer you read the more enjoyable it becomes, and I was much more into it by the end. I do recommend if you like fantasy, romance, action, and adventure.

The Strangers

The Strangers, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, is a story about 3 kids that go missing and they happen to look exactly like Chess, Emma, Finn. After seeing on the news that these kids have gone missing, their mother let them new that she has to go away for a couple of days for a work trip, only for her to go missing as well. With the help of their babysitter’s daughter, Natalie, they investigate their own house for any clues as to why their mother is gone. Along the way they learn more about their past, their mom, and the missing kids, that are an exact copy of them.

I think this was a good book. It kind of leaves you on a cliffhanger though, so if you plan to read it, you might need the second book with you as well. I have had this book for a while, so it is a little below the level I normally read at, still a good book though. The book shifts between the points of view of the 3 children, Chess, Emma, and Finn. So, you get to learn of each kids’ thoughts and feelings on what is going on. You get to see and understand how different siblings interact with each other in difficult situations. This book is definitely a mystery, it also has some thrilling aspects as well.

The Witch in The Well

The Witch in The Well, by Camilla Bruce, is a story about young author, Elena Clover and Catherine Evans. They both, in a battle to get out the story of Ilsbeth Clark, the witch that died in the well. Elena, hearing the story of how Ilsbeth was accused of witchcraft, decides to visit the well of her death one year and makes a connection with this dead girl. Now making it her mission to share Ilsbeth story with her own words, claiming she has spiritually connected with her. While Catherine on the other hand wants to tell the true about Ilsbeth. Wants to share how that girl was wrongfully accused and that she was no witch to begin with.

This book was really good, and I would very much recommend. It can get a little confusing at times because the story jumps between multiple different point of views, which I think adds to the story because then you get to know all the characters well. Not only that but the story is being told in like as if someone is recalling a story from years before. It makes for a very interesting read that’s really hard to put down. If you like mystery, creepy, supernatural, and folkloric like stories then this is definitely the one for you and I will be reading again.

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