The Weeknd

The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, is an artist who began his career in 2010 with his album titled “House of Balloons”. However, this was only the beginning for him. So far, he has released over 100 songs many of which have reached each of my playlists. Listed below are his top 10 songs in my opinion and why.

1- The Zone ft. Drake. Currently my favorite and if you’ve heard it you’d probably understand.

2- Wicked Games. Another masterpiece, will probably be #1 by next week.

3- Tell Your Friends. Just has a certain flow that gives me serotonin no matter the occasion and circumstances when I am listening to it.

4-What You Need. Was #1 for me like 3 weeks ago. Still a good one though.

5- Die For You. This a good song good for all occasions, I didn’t care too much for the version with Ariana Grande.

6-Call Out My Name. Self explainitory rating. It’s not a top 5 but it definitely doesn’t belong at the bottom of the list.

7- Thursday. Mid, but not mid. Best used as background music just because it’s repetitive. Best described as an instrumental.

8-The Hills. This song came out a long time ago and it’s kind of played out but still enjoyable to me.

9-Creepin’. It didn’t quite reach the bottom of the list because it always pops into my head randomly and I can’t get it out unless I play the song.

10- High For This. Still a good one but, I played it out too much so I often skip it.

As you can see, his Trilogy album is one of the best he has and there really isn’t a single song on there that I don’t enjoy.

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