The Dangers of FB Marketplace

Social media has various different purposes, but the overall use to connect its users. Facebook, for example, allows people from all over the world to send messages to each other, tag each other in posts, and even has a section of the app used for people to buy/sell local items such as furniture, electronics, clothes, and even vehicles. Although Facebook makes it very convenient to purchase things, many people underestimate the dangers of it.

Essentially, your meeting up with someone you’ve never met to purchase something most-likely used, and giving/sending them money. This makes it very easy to be scammed with faulty items or even to get robbed. For example, not too long ago I was in communication with a man who was selling a car. Me being a minor and a girl, of course brought my dad and grandfather to look at the car with me and just because I felt more safe. When I arrived, the man threw me the keys and said do what you need to, but before turning the car on, I checked the oil levels and found the car was bone dry. Had we had pursued a test drive, the car could’ve blown up on us and we could’ve been held liable for the damages.

The point of my story isn’t to scare you into deleting Facebook, it’s too bring awareness to the fact that you could be scammed so easily too if you aren’t paying attention. Do your research. Don’t meet up with people alone. And most importantly, trust your intuition. If something about the person or the listing seems fishy or shady, simply don’t go. There are new listings every day and I am sure whatever it is your looking to buy will be listed within a week or 2.

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