2023 Movie Reviews

Super Mario Bro’s 9/10- This movie was so cute and hilarious. I wish Yoshi got more scenes, but I think they’re making a separate movie based on the ending. Overall a good movie, probably the best one I’ve seen this year in theaters. Would recommend.

Evil Dead Rise 6.5/10- This was a very random movie. It started very fast, but it felt very short. It was more funny to me than scary and it was very gory. I would recommend, but beware, it is very corny, the plot is short, and the ending is upsetting.

Beau is Afraid ?/10- I am still processing this movie. Weird, funny, disgusting, upsetting, yet boring at the same time. The movie is 3 hours for no reason. I wouldn’t recommend it because it was kind of a waste of time, but I’m curious as to what other people think of it.

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