Saving the Semester

Mostly everyone find’s themselves struggling mid-end of the semester, especially procrastinators. Here are some tips to bringing your grades up before the end of the year:

1- Communicate. Through my entire high school career, i’ve found that the most important thing you can do is touch base with your teachers. Yes, you will have to do your missing assignments and/or extra credit, but you may find your self doing an assignment that your teacher won’t give you credit for. So, if you ask your teacher what assignments they will still accept before actually doing them, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress.

2- Gain Trust. I personally don’t have good attendance, I never have. But, going back to point #1, I expressed to my teachers when I was going to be absent, and asked for my assignments ahead of time. Also, if you tell your teacher your going to do an assignment or show up to class, actually do it. Your teacher will most likely be more lenient about late work if they know you will actually do the assignment.

3- Do your work on time. This is at the bottom of my list because I am a major procrastinator. No matter how big the assignment, I somehow always find myself doing it last minute. I’ve submitted essay’s due at 11:59, at 11:50. With that being said, you will save yourself all the heartbreak if you just do the assignment the day it’s assigned.

Some of these method’s wont be tolerated by all teachers, although they do work with most. This is also a reminder not to harass your teacher about grading stuff. If they agree to accept late assignments, they are doing you a favor, so it’s best not to stop in their classroom everyday and demand them to update your grade -but also don’t let them completely forget.

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