Procrastination and its Consequences

Everyone procrastinates in their own way. Whether it’s with chores, homework, or even work in general. Sometimes you do it unconsciously, sometimes it’s intentional. Regardless of the kind of procrastinator you are, it’s a very bad habit to have and here’s why.

1- In a situation where you are procrastinating in a place that’s professional, you automatically look lazy and are going to be presented as someone they can’t rely on.

2- When you procrastinate, more tasks are piled on. For example, if you wait 2 weeks to clean your room, the mess will just pile on. By week 3 you’ll have even more trash to throw away and even more clothes to put away which will unmotivate you even more to clean up, thus leading to an endless loop of a dirty room that get’s worse every week.

In conclusion, do your tasks on time and you will find yourself more stress free with extra time on your hands. In the moment, it may seem inconvenient or annoying, but in the long run it will be worth it.

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