Caffeine for Teenagers

Most students I know get coffee or some other highly caffeinated drink almost every day. I personally feel as though most people enjoy it because of the adrenaline and the pick-me-up you receive from it. I see it everyday, it makes people hyper and even less miserable at school. Don’t get me wrong, I drink a RedBull every once and a while but I never feel satisfied after the end of my beverage. With the need to find ways to stay awake at school for myself, I did further research to find more natural ways to receive the energy I need to not fall asleep in class.

1- Controlling your stress- Don’t stress about school so much. Think positive things and find a way to work things out in a way that convenient for you.

2- Sleep- Stop trying to stay up so late, go to sleep. Your TikTok’s will still be there in the morning.

3- Cutting out caffeine- According to multiple studies, researches show that the use consumption of highly caffeinated drinks can actually decrease your bodies natural energy levels by the end of the day.

Some of the results I found seem self explanatory and some are solutions I have already tried, yet received no luck. However, I do believe that finding a balance of all 3 options, may work the best and give me the energy I need to survive the day without drinking something with so much sugar that gives you such a small rush.

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