Life Update

So with the excitement of college really kicking lately, biggest question crossing my mind is ” How am I going to make friends without sports?” I have used sports to make friends in any situation because it was a simple common area I connected with people so it wasn’t difficult to make friends. With the elimination of sports entering college and the stress of going to an HBCU in the heart of Houston, Texas; I wasn’t sure how in the world friends were going to come. I needed a hobby or something the would attract people who I could build a friendship with, so as I thought about all my favorite things and my strengths. Two things stood out to me my leadership and music. So I took those and looked into some possible things I could get my self into. I looked at some organizations that were at my school and I decide to join the Big Sister Little Sister Mentoring Program, and for my music interest. I asm taking a music appreciation class in the fall and I will be picking up doing as a hobby.

It’s a scary thought for anyone the transition into college in a new city requiring you to be some where new around new people. Embrace the nerves, questions and excitement. Take your time when trying to figure things out so be patient with yourself. Stay down, it’s all going to make sense.

~Zaria Graham Texas Southern University Fall 2023

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