Influence of ASL

Have you ever not been able to get your point across to anyone?

ASL (American Sign Language) allows deaf or hard of hearing people to be able to communicate with each other. But it makes their life difficult when trying to communicate with others. I believe ASL is a great language to learn in those types of scenarios. Not only can ASL allow you to communicate easier with deaf or hard of hearing people but it also can let you have a “secret language” with your friends. In my past experience, being able to communicate with someone who spends their day expecting to not be able to communicate with anyone, being able to have conversation makes them so much happier and it can empower you. Knowing ASL can also allow you to even make a career out of it. You can become an interpreter, counselor, audiologist and so much more. You can also teach your kids sign language. This can make communicating kids needs so much easier. You can teach them to let you know when they are hungry or if they want a drink.

Maybe consider taking time out of your day to even learn the alphabet in sign language and you’ll already have the basics down.

Fun Fact: You can only get a sign name from a deaf person !

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