Easter Day-Alondra

What is the meaning of celebrating Easter? The meaning of celebrating Easter Day is the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Another reason is that people just celebrate Easter for the eggs and to spend time with family. Make the kids to have fun and find eggs. There is many more reasons that you can celebrate Easter Day. Easter is a day to have fun or a day that you thank god for what he did for us. Easter Day can even be named as spring festival to celebrate that we have now entered spring.

What is Easter Day? Easter Day is like a holiday that we celebrate every year in April. It can be celebrated as a religion way or as just having fun hiding eggs for the kids. Something you would need for Easter is plastic eggs, candy, baskets, and money. Hiding eggs can help the families get together and spend some time together. Overall Easter Day is a day to celebrate with family in a religious way or not a religious way.

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