Comfort over formal

Have you ever been uncomfortable in a formal outfit? Not breathable? It is so much better to be comfortable than in formal wear. Being in business cloths is nice to the eye and lets people know you’re serious. Formal clothings also isn’t the cheapest. You don’t need a 600 outfit to look nice formal wear isn’t always necessary. Although many people may argue that formal wear makes them feel nice and feel professional.

But of course you wouldn’t run a mile in a suit or in a dress. Due to the fact formal wear is not manufactured to be doing comfy things. You’re more at risk for ripping something or maybe embarrassing yourself. But not having formal clothes doesn’t necessarily make you any less, you can dress nice in some comfortable clothes. Many people say that they have more fun and more of an experience in comfortable wear.

In my conclusion formal wear isn’t always a must, yeah it looks nice but it’s not comfortable it’s reduces movement and less breathable.

Published by itzelena


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