Everything to know about dogs By: Josef

A dogs is a mans bestfriend. Why do we think this is? The obvious answer this that they are adorable. But there are more to dogs then being cute and today we are gonna learn everything there is to learn about our furry friends. First lets start off with the statistics, Dogs are the most popular pet in the U.S. 65.1 million houses own a dog in the U.S. alone. so we can tell by this that getting a dog is a very common thing in the US. So its probably for the better that we are more educated about them to make them the happiest that they can be. Although you may think that as long as you pet them and feed them they will be happy it better to be on the safe side as research suggest that 75% of dogs display anxiety or depression and hopefully we can help bring that rate down.

So first lets learn how dogs express there feelings. Since they cant tell us how they feel its up to us to figure out. The most obvious answer first is when they are wagging there tail. A dogs ears can also tell you how they are feeling, if a dogs ears are down/ relaxed this means that your dog is also relaxed and chilling and vise versa is the dogs ears are tensed so is your dog and they are more than likely stressed out. When they lean into you or are being playful this is also a sign that your dog is happy and trust you. Now lets get into the not so fun part, some signs that may suggest that your dog is depressed or showing anxiety is loss of appetite, they may have more frequent accidents, may lick or bite there fur causing hair loss or damage. There are many signs of how your furry friend is feeling and its up to us to do better and help.

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