Cat Facts

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Most people either love cats or hate them. Cats are very self susficent animals they clean them selfs, they don’t need much attention they can catch their own food if they are not a house cat. There are around 40 different species of cats that we know of. Cats are a very common house pet, 46. 5 million households contain a cat. Cat come in all different sizes from tiny cats to tigers. But not a lot of people know anything about cats besides what to feed them and how to manage there litter so let learn a little about them.

Cats are very mysterious animals, and here are a couple of facts about them first. Cats are acutely near sided but there night vision is much better than a human. Male cats are also more likely to be left-pawed, yes they have dominate paws as well like humans. And a little cute fact about cats is when they slowly blink at you that is there way of giving you a kiss. Also cats meow strictly only to communicate with humans. Now let’s talk a little about your cats body language. There tails are big indication of how your cat is feeling, when a cat has there tail high this can indicate that your cat may feel comfortable, happy, confident, etc. And when a cats tail is low this mean that your cat may feel fearful or even anxious. A cats weakest spot is there stomach so if your cats lounges around with you with their stomach up this means that they trust you. Hopefully this will help you and your cat to bond.

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