Summer 2023 vacation ideas

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

Greece-Ancient history and majestic islands embody the wonders of Greece.

Croatia-Croatia brings the fantasy of the Mediterranean to life, with the sparkling Adriatic sea, inviting islands, and dramatic historic cities that overlook the scenic coastline.

Spain-Sunny and warm define the weather and attitude of Spain in summer. As the coastlines swell with visitors from all over the world.

Portugal-Portugal embodies the perfect summer gateway, with sun-kissed beaches, fairytale castles, and delicious cuisine informed by centuries of exploration and culinary examination.

France-France is classic opulence and elegance. Fashionable, charming, and brimming with fairytale castles and bohemian myths.

Italy-Italy is always a perfect destination for any traveler. Your summer trip offers a dream Italian getaway and with exceptional mountain scenery.

South Africa-South Africa offers something for every traveler, from desert landscapes to safari experiences in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter months.

Costa Rica-Costa Rica will give you an immersion into the sublime during what is often referred to as the “little dry season”. The pristine weather and fewer crowds create space for active wildlife roaming in the rainforest and the chance to lounge on the pristine beaches of the Pacific.

Belize-Belize is a tropical wonderland no matter the time of the year, and the summer offers the pleasure of waterfalls, rolling hills, and enchanting sea breezes to relieve the seasonal heat.

Argentina-From June to August, Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere’s winter depths. Absent of crowds and steeped in cool temperatures across the country, the northern tropical jungle is an enjoyable treat of color around Iguazu, while the southern edges of Patagonia shimmer as winter wonderlands blanketed with snow.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

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