ceramics can be a very fun and creative hobby and are many different things you can make and do it can help you get distracted from other things on your mind or even if your just sitting at home and have nothing to do when bored pottery can be very fun. Something about pottery is when making things you can make it for yourself you can make bowls cups plates boxes pretty much anything you can make. It can be very creative because of there different types os types and colors that are available for using when making pottery. It has been a thing for a very long time and this is how some vases for flowers are made from clay and other things like tea sets are made from clay then get glazed so it van be washed and used.

Another interesting thing about clay is that you can mold different things and use them for whatever you need to like utensils and designs for your room I heard that back in the day people used clay a lot for the things they needed but didn’t want to buy so people would just make them instead. With this being said you start off with your clay shape and mold however you would like them you let it dry you can then file and make it smooth like you want it to be. Once this step is done you then fire it so it is hard and no longer soft easily breakable clay. Then you would glaze it with whatever colors you want then fire it again so it is smooth and usable for other things and if water gets on it the glaze makes it too were the clay dent get weird.

Pottery: The Ultimate Guide, History, Getting Started, Inspiration

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