Importance of CPR

Have you ever considered that one day CPR could save your life?

Students in Ms. Wiser’s health class had a CPR training course. They practiced on “test dummies,” learning the correct hand placements and the appropriate amount of compressions needed to save a life. Practicing CPR can be vital to saving someone in the unexpected events of this world. Although it sounds scary it is better to be safe than sorry. CPR maintains blow flow in the heart and heart that can keep a person alive until the professionals come. You can even put that you are CPR certified on your resume as a bonus. This could be especially important and stand out for people who are interested in the medical field. With a CPR certification, you can jump into action in times of crisis. I believe it is an important thing that everyone should learn and get certified for.

For links to know more about getting CPR certified or if you just want more facts visit these websites:,certain%20standards%20for%20CPR%20education.,until%20Advanced%20Medical%20help%20arrives.

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