food trucks

A pathway to food industry with a food truck can be hard and a lot of work, and what I learned from a food truck speaker is that the food trucks were very interesting. First what I learned is when you work a food truck your working every day out of the week your always working and cooking so your always doing something. Another thing I learned about food trucks is you want to have three main locations so people know and people come and invite others and you get more customers this way and is the best way to get sells with customers and get normals. Another big thing with food trucks is you can’t keep your customers keep waiting you have to cook quickly but make it taste good then give your order to the customers and keep on going and repeating time is a very bog thing to keep people happy and keep business going.

Another thing with food trucks is there menu ad when dealing with a mean you have to think about is what food you wanna have and what food could you use that has the same ingredients that can make multiple things so you don’t hold it for too long then it get bad and you have to throw it out so you wants things that go together so your using it everyday and not wasting as much as you would if every food item was completely different and uses different things. In food trucks just like restaurant they have to get check so out of nowhere food truck checkers come by and see if you have running cold and hot water to see if everything is at the right temperature and to have no dishes or too have three compartment parts to rinse sanitize and wash.

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