Driving safe

Driving safe is a important thing to do in this modern day and age. Because unsafe driving can cause fatal accidents, so driving safe is a must. And some people wonder how to drive safe so im gonna go through it. To make sure your the best driver on the road by the time you get behind a wheel.

Firstly you must put on your seatbelt and make sure every passenger has one seat belt. Next adjust your mirrors to wear you can see out of them, and adjust your seat to be able to reach the petals and sit comfortably. You may then start your car but make sure your foot is on the brake. Then as u push the brake down you may shift the gear from park to either reverse or drive depending on your position. Then slowly ease your foot onto the gas while maintaining a constant pressure on the petal. and now your driving and make sure you use blinkers when turning,switching lanes, etc, and to follow the speed limits.

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