The Willow project

The Willow project is a project planned to happen in Alaska. To start the drilling of oil done by the conocophillips company. It would give the United States a promising amount of oil. It is disliked by many people in the US and even across the world. There are some benefits of the drilling in Alaska but there are many downsides to it as well, that could devastate the Alaskan environment as we know it.

If the willow project does proceed in the way it’s going there will be mass loss of wildlife, green life ( trees, bushes). And those aren’t just plants there homes to many animals to help shelter them from the harsh conditions of the Alaskan winters. It even risks putting some animals on the extinction list, or in risk of becoming endangered. The willow project is a very controversial thing, because some people want to continue with the oil drilling because they are only looking at the money aspect of it and not the long lasting environmental impact.

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