Importance of sleep

Sleeping is a crucial part of the human life, humans spend 33 years of their lives sleeping. Which is a long time for people, and most people wonder why do we sleep so much cause that’s half our lives. And the reason is because sleep isn’t just a way to recharge our energy for the next day. It’s used also to relieve stress, reduce anxiety,and so much more sleep is very important to the human body otherwise we could drop dead from exhaustion.

Not sleeping has many harmful effects on people’s physical and mental healths. Lack of sleep can affect ones immune system causing it to spiral and leaving someone vulnerable to sicknesses. It also can cause psychosis in extreme cases, were someone can lose contact with reality and get mixed up not knowing what is real or not. This is why sleeping is important and why people should get a good night’s rest and the full 8 hours. So someone doesn’t become a danger to themselves or to others.

( )- LInk

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