Why is education important?

Education is important in many ways and can get you successful and learn more things you need to know, it also can yield a better surrounding in which people can differentiate between right and wrong, know the importance of voting, adhere to laws, and reduce crimes. The purpose of education academic (intellectual), political and civic purposes, socialization, and economic purposes, the more things you know the more you know more about certain things. An education helps lay the groundwork needed to feel confident in our abilities and helps us find our passions in life. It also teaches us to stay committed and gives us the ability to problem-solve. If you don’t know things you can easily learn them anybody can get educated at any age and at any time its not to late to learn about things you want and need to know. I also think that education can change the society and attitudes, and beliefs of the individual and plays a role in shaping the norms and values of a particular society. These values eventually define the community structures people build, the goals they strive for, and how they help advance global development. I mostly want education to reduce crime because crime is a really big thing today and needs to get reduced if people were educated that could make a difference in the world today.



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