Financial insecurity

I bet some of you don’t know what financial insecurity is do you? Financial insecurity is or economic insecurity can be defined as the anxiety produced by the possible exposure to adverse economic events, and by the anticipation of the difficulty to recover from them. You can get financial insecurity just by  losing a job or being retrenched, being unemployed or unable to find sufficient work, having debts that can’t be paid, or worrying about expected financial pressures. Some people’s financial problems might be a result of problem gambling. Most people lose their money to gambling and I think its funny because why are you addicted to losing money and you had a choice if you wanted to do it or not besides the point. Here I have some tips to deal with financial insecurity Ask for help. You don’t have to ask for a loan, but you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out when you’re in a tough spot but i do get why some people don’t want to ask anybody for money now of days, You can find ways to get extra income do a little bit of side jobs if you have to, Control your spending and keep track of your money a lot of people have a problem with spending money and keeping track because they can’t control themselves, and lastly set future financial goals when you look forward to a goal it will be easier for you to save and want to save. I hope you all learned something from this because its really important and you don’t want to feel stressed dealing with something you can change.

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