Multiverse Madness

So many ways to travel and I know a person who uses a green portal and his grandson. Rick and Morty are some very interesting people who travel the universe and even other universes. They are always going on many adventures funny and scary and even mind warping events. there was one time where the grandson had shrunk down and had to go into a hobo dressed as Santa, and forty had found an amusement park in the mans body.

Rick is the smartest man in the universe. He has many enemies that want to get rid of him just because his intelligence seems like a threat to them. Rick and Morty travel to many different multiverse and experience many different things such as extreme time change, different galaxies, and extraterrestial creatures. Their adventures always involve some type of trouble and them having to save someone to something. Ricks intelligence helps him get out of pretty much any situation he comes across whether he’s using his knowledge or his gadgets. Morty always tags along with his grandfather Rick and is always scared for his adventures.

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