Horror Movies

Do you like watching scary movies? Do you like to be spooked and have an unsettling feeling while watching? Horror movies are the way to go if you’re in the mood to watch a good scary film. There are many different types of horror movies that have a different approach on how they want to target the audience. For example, there is gothic horror, psychological, monster films, comedy horror, etc. My favorite type of horror movies to watch are psychological horror movies. Those type of movies always have your mind confused on the plot. It may not be scary image wise but can be unsettling with the plot or storyline of the film. Most horror films always have an antagonist.

US is a a psychological horror film that is one of my favorites. The storyline starts off as a normal happy family living in the suburbs of California. One day they start to experience really unusual things. The family was home relaxing on a normal night until they see a family show up right infant of their house late at night. They all feel frightened but also cautious about these people. The closer the family got they realized it’s their doppelgängers. The whole film shows the family trying to get rid of their doppelgängers that want to win out the real family. The whole movie is really trippy and messes with your mind a little bit. Towards the end the whole plot changes!! Psychological films are my favorite to watch just because of how good the story line and plot are set up.

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