Crows and Pigeons aren’t real.

Call me crazy all you want I believe crows and pigeons are’t real. Let me ask you one question… When was the last time you seen a baby crow or pigeon? NEVER!! Because they are fake!! They are made by the government and work for the Bourgeoisie. In reality they are spies!!! Not once have I ever seen a baby pigeon or baby crow. Also the fact that some crows can TALK is crazyy!! Birds shouldn’t be able to talk especially with a deep voice. Since the earliest days of espionage, pigeons have been a spy’s best friend. Distinguished by their speed and ability to return home in any weather, pigeons carried precious, tiny cargo high above enemy lines.

Maybe when they are sitting on the telephone power lines, They are sending information to the higher up for even charging up! I know it all sounds crazy but some of it makes sense to me because baby crows and pigeons are rarely ever seen. If baby pigeons and crows are rarely ever seen then maybe they are made in a lab and then sent out to the world. I guess we’ll never know dun dun dunnnn!!!

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