In my opinion i think crocs are literally the best everyday shoes to wear. They’re comfortable, you can design them with little giblets or most design them with some bling!! You can put them in “Sport Mode” which is putting the strap behind your achilles. They can be worn to work out, go to work, and just to wear them around because of how comfortable they are. Many people wear them out today. Kids, teenagers, adults, they’re very popular now in days.

Crocs are very affordable, in which they are $60! You can wear them with almost every outfit and they have holes in them so your feet can breath, so they can get a little fresh air. There are many ways you can design them whether it’s with giblets, bling, or just normal, they will always look good on your feet. There are many types of crocs as well, in like the way they are shaped and how they look. So go get you some crocs today!

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