Why It’s Okay To Not Have it All figured out

Not everyone has their life figured right away and that’s okay. Its not expected from you to have it figured it out right away or what you are going to do and what you want to, the thing that counts is that you are exploring , experimenting with things to see if you like it and if you do then great keep going and don’t let it go, keep growing. Coming to accept how it is and where you are, as long as you are gently pushing yourself everyday towards the person you desire to be, you’re doing it right. Don’t stress over it just because other people already have their life figured out, thinking “he already has it solved” will just overwhelm you. and let other people negative comments get to you and bring you down, your time will come and when it does you will understand that all that pushing will all be worth it. I for example don’t have it all figured out but i am getting out their exploring what I like but I came to accept it that it s okay to not having it figured all yet and its okay.

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