Sleeper Cars

Sleeper cars are cars that are fast but don’t look fast. These cars are quite famous in the car community. A handful of people down these cars and they bring a lot of attention

  1. 1987 Buick GNX, these cars were a highway terror built out of an 80s wannabe sports sedan, this cars goals was to beat corvettes but ended up smoking the Ferraris and Porsches at the time
  1. Ford Taurus SHO, the power in an AWD platform help turn the SHO trim of the Taurus into a truly affordable sleeper in its stock form. The SHO is used as an undercover car thanks to its ability to blend easily and the adequate 365hp and 350lb-ft of torque generated by a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 powerplant
  1. Chevrolet SS, the now-discontinued Chevy SS Sedan was an average-looking car with a boring exterior that made it easily fly under the radar. It rolled off Chevy’s factories with a supercharged 6.2-liter LS3 engine that produced an excess of 415hp and 415lb-ft of torque to pass it as a certified sleeper car
  1. Dodge Magnum SRT8, few cars make better sleepers than station wagons since they are more focused on transporting cargo. The normal Dodge Magnum passed the regular wagon test, but its more powerful SRT8 sibling was a different animal.
  1. Cadillac CTS-V,  it is practically a Corvette Z06 under the hood since they share a supercharged V-8 engine good for 640 horsepower. The CTS-V is a muscle car in a four-door luxury sedan’s body

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