There are so many quotes that help a lot of people out and inspire them. But what are quotes? Quotes can be many things it can be a speech it can be a text or even a love note. Are quotes important? Yes they are important because they can help generate ideas within brainstorming , can explain a drawing or picture with just a quote. A quote can be meaningful. Another reason why quotes are important are because it can help people express what they feel with out making it log and hard for them to express how they feel. For example there are some quotes that sound better in Spanish even though the quotes in Spanish sound a little bit harsh they still inspire to do better and reach your goals.

Quotes don’t have a limit of words but they are Usually about 4 lines long. Quotes can even be about 2 words. Quotes can be about anything they can be about storms, work, emotions, school etc… There are some quotes that are to powerful or just so good that get used a lot. There is about 100 quotes out of 108,000 that are the best that they have gone up to the most famous used quotes here in the USA. Overall quotes can be really useful even though you don’t see it. They can really change a persons view point of life and why you get hard moments in your life.

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