Why laying-low is okay

Laying low can be interpreted differently from many perspectives. some people might see it as lazy and others might see it as a lifestyle to get by. But sometimes laying low can be something that is needed from time to time, as existential periods of being overly punctual can be very exhausting. Yes, it’s good to learn new things and get creative for our brain, productivity and motivation. Inspiration is all around us and with the internet and social media, we have constant opportunities to try new things and watch as others do too.

But these days also provide the perfect chance for us to make time to slow down. Whether we’re at school absorbing knowledge all day or still heading out to work, we all have one thing in common when the work day is done: we have to socially isolate ourselves from others to try to beat this thing together. 

So, while this is a great chance to learn new skills like we’ve always wanted to or make the perfect wardrobe, it’s important to remember that in addition to learning, it’s perfectly alright to book a few hours (or days) off to let loose and lay low at home. 

Encourage yourself to: 

• Sleep in

• Wear PJs all day

• Ignore the dishes

• Eat what you want

• Book a few hours off

• Read books just for fun rather than to learn

Now I don’t encourage doing this indefinitely as it can lead to lower desire towards feeling the feeling of success and you might lose the original motivation you had previously before the multiple time you decided to lay low. But if you need a kind of “escape” and your fine with being in the presence of yourself or trying to learn how to be, this is a great option.

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