why hygiene is important

Hygiene is all about taking care of yourself and staying cleaned so it can be things like brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, showers, and more. A reason hygiene is so good for us humans is to live a longer healthier life. Also, bad hygiene means you could get sick witch could lead to missing school and work witch can then risk to missing work. And also said many diseases and conditions can be controlled through appropriate personal hyegeine.

When not taking care of yourself can lead to athletes foot, scabies, worm related conditions. I doubt anyone would want that so a good way to have a good hygiene is to make a plan for your day have routines. You can have night routines where you wash your face brush your tooth put your hair back and go to bed. Another thing can be a morning routine put lotion on and other things like brushing hair. Personal hygiene can make you healthier and feel way better,

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